make myself a discord_notifier lib to use in projects #stuff
add reminder to do a weekly progress summary/tweets because otherwise I'm not doing it #stuff
catch some sun ☀️ after days of gray #stuff
take a breather because this week was ugh #stuff
disable bold shows signup for now as it is ded atm #stuff
perform final tasks fro some old emails #stuff
plan tasks for next week #stuff
write down the 6 other project ideas I have to give my brain some rest #stuff
clean up bookmarks that piled up over the years and maybe move to a different place than browser to keep them #stuff
sign up for notion and start moving everything there #stuff
make passwords autofill go to 1Password on ios12 "Settings > Passwords & Accounts > AutoFill Passwords > Allow Filling From." #stuff
turn on safari favicons in tabs for iOS12 / macos mojave #stuff
turn on DND Bed Time after updating to iOS12 #stuff
clean up mess that accumulated over the week #stuff
decompress a little because yesterday was insane #stuff