Voiceover’s Dream ⏸️
Full-screen demo-reel audio player for voiceover artists
css style app's home page with only a play button in the center and simple colors #voiceoversdream
i have 7 days left for #voiceoversdream - make up my mind on what to do first
remove that blue/gray outline from the play/pause button when clicked with the mouse or selected with they keyboard (via tab key) #voiceoversdream
make play button also the pause button so that it becomes a play-pause toggle-button #voiceoversdream
make a js variable work in a function #voiceoversdream
figure out how to play an mp3 file in a browser #voiceoversdream
announce building #voiceoversdream in 7 days on social
make quick-and-dirty landing page "Watch me build #voiceoversdream in public" with reference to wip.chat (https://wip.chat/products/1999)
add domain settings of uberspace to namecheap #voiceoversdream
terminal: add domain of #voiceoversdream to webhost (uberspace)