Updated Create Event page with the new design #downforthat
Updated Login/Singup page with the new design #downforthat
Updated the Startup, Login and Signup screens UI/UX #downforthat
Make quick schetch for #downforthat logo & send it to designer
Refused the first version for the #downforthat app logo
Talk with the designer - first iteration for the logo - need more work #downforthat
Add new screen - Show pending requests #downforthat
Restart working on #downforthat - show pending event requests
Set the final flows & wireframes with the designer for #downforthat
Down to the drawing board - defined new flows and UX #downforthat
Started using RxJava in the project - select friends to invite done - so far so good 🔥 #downforthat
Convince designer friend to help out with my lame design skills for #downforthat app
Started working on New Session & Invite Friends to join #downforthat
First draft for the landing page #downforthat
Network connection status verification #downforthat