Tweet Photo
Automatically post your Instagram photos to Twitter
send upsell email every 4 months instead of 6 months #tweetphoto
use twitter method calls instead of deprecated hash attributes #tweetphoto
get 5-minute shout out on Social Media Marketing Podcast #tweetphoto
fix issue where photo captions with asterisks in them could not be tweeted due to bug with twitter rubygem #tweetphoto
set gravatar for personal email #tweetphoto
send upsell email to 3+ month old non-paying users #tweetphoto
fix typo that prevented certain users from upgrading to pro account πŸ˜… #tweetphoto
use personal ( email as sender #tweetphoto
enable sidekiq file logging for debugging #tweetphoto
time out after 10 seconds when fetching instagram photos #tweetphoto