Bookings made for Casablanca (16-21) and Rabat (21-24) so I can return to Casablanca on 24 to take the flight in the afternoon #hip
flight Berlin-Manchester-Agadir - day task complete ;) #hip
Made it to Miami in one piece #hip
Accomplishment of the day: Did a complete landing page analysis of 6 hours of work, it was fun! Well it was 6 hours today and 2 hours yesterday. So, 8 hours in total for a complete landing page analysis. Good to know. #hip
good day. Accomplished everything I wanted despite having started the day late (around 1pm) #hip
Quite an organizational day, did all necessary bookings for my US Voiceover Tour and my UK Voiceover Tour. My price and location comparison muscle is tired 😉 #hip
Work is done (morning routine, day job, lesson 1.8 of masterclass) but inbox and finances still not done. #hip
Good day. First, 5 hours day job then 7 hours of producing and publishing stolenvoice tv 32 #hip