Bookings made for Casablanca (16-21) and Rabat (21-24) so I can return to Casablanca on 24 to take the flight in the afternoon #hip
flight Berlin-Manchester-Agadir - day task complete ;) #hip
Made it to Miami in one piece #hip
Accomplishment of the day: Did a complete landing page analysis of 6 hours of work, it was fun! Well it was 6 hours today and 2 hours yesterday. So, 8 hours in total for a complete landing page analysis. Good to know. #hip
good day. Accomplished everything I wanted despite having started the day late (around 1pm) #hip
Quite an organizational day, did all necessary bookings for my US Voiceover Tour and my UK Voiceover Tour. My price and location comparison muscle is tired πŸ˜‰ #hip
Work is done (morning routine, day job, lesson 1.8 of masterclass) but inbox and finances still not done. #hip
Good day. First, 5 hours day job then 7 hours of producing and publishing stolenvoice tv 32 #hip
Good day again, lots of day job hours (~7h), daily voicover show and a few hours for other voiceover work. I'm making progress little by little but I'm no longer stressed through my impatience. I'm in a good state of mind and I'm loving that's it like that! πŸ™‚ #hip
It's been a day job intense (~13 hours) with good conversations and various tasks. Because of that and my Stoicism voiceover show it was a rich day. #hip
Besides the fact that I again spent a very good/productive day today, I learned about this book called "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill - ordered! #hip
Got an early, quick and dirty version of my commercial demo reel done - awaiting feedback from my VO peer #hip
After a social Saturday and no day job, I used the Sunday for some day job work, the masterclass lesson 1.7 as well as finances and cleaning my inbox- yes, the rather (except for fwc) boring stuff πŸ˜‰ #hip
Good day. Produced stolenvoice tv 31 in 7.5 hours. There's still room for improvement (doing it quicker) but I felt I was already having a pretty good / streamlined workflow (process) #hip
Excellent talk with Hugh Edwards today. Key outcome: I was procrastinating to finish the demo reel and shipping a ready-to-use version of With the new Plan-Result accountability, I'm planning to change that. #hip
Though I made a recording "for the trashcan" (cos I wasn't able to submit it) I still had more mic time in German which allowed me to practice more and maybe even get feedback for my VO delivery. #hip
After yesterday's rewriting and some exercise recordings of the German script I sent the final recording. Curious to see what he thinks. I know there's always room for improvement but at the moment that's the best I can deliver in German #hip
tried out a bit of a German script and found that I struggle with my enunciation #hip
Monster 12 hours sleep with just some hanging around and an awesome dream with a bunch of people and myself being attached to a plane while it's doing manoeuvers like loopings and such - crazy (cool). When I was dreaming and I can remember them, it's usually a sign that I slept well, deep or am feeling rested. Sleep is great tool to invent stories #hip
Sent lesson 1.6 of the Story Creatio Masterclass by email. Took me only .75h to update the lesson. Thank doG I've prepared the text that well beforehand. #hip
After 1.75h (and .75h of pre-writing) I wrote the compelte episode 30 of stolenvoice tv. Now only recording, publishing and sharing do follow. It's possible that I could produce that piece within 6 hours this time. doG give me power! ^^ #hip - I just realized the tag I've been using is the first part of hip-hop *haha* πŸ˜„
Feeling good, feeling in flow (something I've been longing for to feel like for many months). Two factors are responsibility for that: an accountability partner keeping me accountable every day (!) my new voiceover show with a new episode (of Stoic philosophy) every day - yes DAILY is the primary keyword, and SOCIAL and PHILOSOPHY are the other (secondary) keywords #hip
Bit of a weird day because I went to bed late/early (around 5am) but it turned into a pretty ok day. And now I finally have cereals for breakfast again. I had been eating all the rest food for almost two weeks ^^ #hip
German translation done - curiously enough, the amount of words is also around 2.8k. Hm... I always thought the German way of saying it would be more verbose and longer. #hip
English version of stolenvoice tv 29 is done, now translating ~2.8k words into German #hip
Slept around 12hrs (8.75h at night and the rest in the afternoon). Accordingly I didn't work that much. Also because I'll be going to bed early-ish so I can start tomorrow earlier and accomplish more, e.g. stolenvoice tv 29, it's become quite PITA. #hip
Day is still not done (stolenvoice tv 29 still due) but at least the lesson 1.5 of the masterclass is out *puh* - made an extra effort to write short sentences in the "Hemingway" style (using Hemingway Editor app) #hip
Was in cleaning mode (cleaning my email inbox), I also took the liberty to unsubscribe from 500+ Insta connections to only be connected to those I'm interested in. #hip
was so "crazy" today to skip producing & published today's show (stolenvoice tv 29) and relax and nap instead. I needed and almost don't feel bad I did. Tomorrow I'll do it then because I know it's important for me to get it done. But I also want to take time for rest when it's the right time. #hip
forgot to pay 7k income tax for 2018 because I obviously can't read. "Human in Progress" turning into "Human in Decay" #hip
a "funny" it was, macmini came, skype call with my client with also uncomfortable topics (speaking of bureaucratic stuff that ultimately means I HAVE TO find new clients to create revenue from those) which essentially means that I have to move my ass into a direction where I do make money with voiceover and not only "play around" - that's life: a drama of high and low and all the things in between.... πŸ˜‰ #hip
finally made a new recording for the commercial demo reel (voiceover) - script 10 - and made an overview of the stages for the present and future demo reels to come (commercial reel DE, character reel EN and DE). #hip
good first day of the year. Got almost everything I wanted but orga stuff took (like most of the time) more time than I had allocated. #hip
finished the year with 37k gross revenue, plan was 25k. Next year, 100k then. #hip
watched Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (film) #hip
good meeting a VO friend and her husband in Berlin downtown. We're at a similar stage in our voiceover path both with no reel fully produced but we'll be getting there πŸ™‚ #hip
arranged my first travel dates in 2019: Feb/Mar = Miami, Agadir (Morocco), Tolouse (France), Barcelona (Spain). It's trip with business purpose and visting friends πŸ™‚ #hip
revamped my studio with more acoustic foam inside the cupboard and made the work surface in the studio plain. Also fixed the blanket so now they're all the time at a fixed location. Makes a quick recording more straight forward. #hip
A great effect of a sabbatical is clarity: Today I defined the merger of stolenvoice tv and IGTV to become one show (one format) and only to published once a week (Friday) instead of daily IGTV (Mon-Fri) and weekly stolenvoice tv (Fri). Also, I'll use as the place where I'll write the full-text article whereas followed by the episode number will lead to the IGTV episode directly. Also, I'll be using my third 4 hours of my 12 total productive for either or music-making. #hip
wise grandma taught me a lesson that has a dale carnegie touch: reach your goal (a negotiation) with an approach that reveals a vulnerability to get the other person on your side. My grandma talked with the landlord about the increasing rent. Her neighbors were faced with an increased rent as well. The difference was: Her neighbors used their lawyer to fight the higher rent. My grandma simply explained her situation and revealed that she wouldn't be able to afford a higher rent. The outcome: Her neighbors are paying the higher rent. My grandpa is still paying the same rent as before. Just because she approached the landlord by talking to him and showing openness to talk instead fighting him from the start. I like my wise 89-year old oma πŸ™‚ #hip
Got that ep 28 of stolenvoice tv done - after 15 hours and 6.000 lines of text #hip
ASUS ZenScreen Go MP16AP, a portable 15.6 inch full HD monitor, works smoothly on my MacBook Pro. No setup, only plug and play. Great! #hip
lol, after so many years (at least 11 years - 2007) I'm owning a mous again - Logitech MX Master 2S - really exciting! #hip
meditated 500 minutes within headspace up until today - awesome! #hip
Seems that my monthly net income won't allow me to have the apartment (with a slightly elevated standard) I desire to have. Scratches my ego, and feels like a battle but I'm still fighting. #hip
what a weird day: started with day job direclty, didn't the the MIT (most important thing), then voiceover-related webinars, then more day job hours, then weird 4.5-hrs nap until 1.30 am, then wrote + recorded stolenvoiceIGTV (took almost 3 hours) and wrote my thursday truth in the GFTB community for another almost 3 hours. Life = weird? Yes. #hip
Part of yesterday's investment failed because of the transaction way that Amazon didn't like. I chose direct debit (Bankeinzug). They want credit card. So, I transferred money from one bank account to the other with the sufficient funds yesterday and then I made another mistake. I entered the the bank details for direct debit again - but for the other bank. Of course, Amazon sent me an error message again. That's when I realized that the LaCie 6gig (48 TB RAID) costs 111 € less. "GlΓΌck im UnglΓΌck" as we say in German (blessing in disguise) πŸ™‚ #hip
spent bascially all day collecting and researching the stuff I want to invest in (mostly tech gear related to my 3-2-1 backup system, mobile voiceover recording and video editing equipment). That came as a surprise (like yesterday was a suprise as well). It also meant that now, at the end of the day I bascially accomplished nothing except for the walk outside and a bit of the day job. But it's ok because these investments have been in my mind for weeks now. Feeling calmer and better becasue I can put a checkmark βœ… in front of that topic πŸ™‚ #hip
totally didn't see that coming, but after having attended the GFTB webinar "2018 Annual Roundup: The State of the Global Voice Industry" in combination with my general "pendulum swing" attitude I decided that starting in 2019 I'll solely focus on voiceover (voice-acting) as my profession. Side-projects like or will only play a role when I have energy and time left, and in case I need a change from voiceover or just something else to "play with". What a surprise! #hip
awesome day - first time that I sticked to my newly invented rhyhtm of fun, duty, fun, duty - after every fun activitiy follows a duty activity, and so. #hip
Slept all day (Sunday) from 9:00 to 22:00 - 13 hours with pee breaks ^^ #hip
stolenvoice ❀️ Copy Giraffe πŸ¦’- exciting news: I teamed up with Copy Giraffe πŸ¦’ to offer copywriting for profitables businesses, as a complement to my voiceover service. Copy Giraffe is a brand and service by #hip
Translation from stolenvoice tv 27 EN to DE done - 2.000 words the article, 200 words the scirpt for the actual video, 100 words the summary for the teaser on Insta #hip
Friday is vlogging day, stolenvoice tv. After a good morning walk at 5.30am, some 3 hours of pre-writing the content for today's show and my day job for some hours, I'm now translating everything I've written (around 2.000 words) into German #hip
showing up today with entry 1 of my public diary logging my progress as a human person - feeling good, well-rested after a warm bath and a cold shower afterwards. Continuing the day with my day job and feeling grateful that I'm pursuing my path as an actor of voices - I'm using as a personal documentation tool not as a product development tool #hip