Social crypto trading on Telegram 🚀
manually declare filter overloads for common (nested) envelopes because TypeScript does not support higher-kinded types 😢 (E = PositionClosedEvent) #kornwolf
write type-guarded OperatorFunctions for event filtering (with RxJS) #kornwolf
define new ADTs for event hierarchy (user/account/positions/social) #kornwolf
create & prioritize 33 GitHub issues to organize project (WIP got cluttered) #kornwolf
Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 20.40.01.png
ensure UserHandler and TelegramSession always operate on the same User entity ref #kornwolf
transfer domain to personal account with registrar #kornwolf
add 'top up x' preset buttons to CreditPage #kornwolf
commit orphaned Git stashes to branches for review #kornwolf