Social crypto trading on Telegram 🚀
bolt MarketMeta to Market entity for app-wide price/quantity clamping & precision #kornwolf
refactor open order & position daemons #kornwolf
remove stateful 'lastTick' from position daemon (in favor of passing it in) #kornwolf
don't display redundant conversion if (un)realized profits are already denominated in (stablecoin) fiat asset #kornwolf
add 'or equals' versions of all price condition operators #kornwolf
sort assets in market browser #kornwolf
fix 'insta trigger' for short profit targets #kornwolf
restore stream of profitable positions in community group #kornwolf
fix 'mute/unmute copy position' #kornwolf
support flush back buttons on pages #kornwolf
infer missing trade IDs and timestamps from order #kornwolf
delete most Help content from Telegram app (in favor of welcome wizard + support CMS) #kornwolf
apply symbol/marketId compat fixes for latest CCXT #kornwolf
fix preferredMarketWithLargestQuoteBalance selector #kornwolf
re-enable CCXT 'substituteCommonCurrencyCodes' because Binance just fixed their BCH market symbols #kornwolf