🐘 pushed user changes to events and topics along with some of the version control code #conf
πŸ€– updated my importers to auto-create user accounts to make tracking changes and revisions based on their data sources. #conf
🐘 updated my user model to denote bots/helper scripts #conf
fixed ci which I broke 5 days ago and didn't know it #conf
🎨 restyled event review page #conf
πŸ’Έ picked up Refactoring UI to help me finish out my design. The tech on this website has been done and ready for months. I just need a decent coat of paint on it. https://refactoringui.com/book/ #conf
🎨 switched the website back to grayscale to stop getting lost on pointless design elements #conf
worked out an issue for how to do version control on my Event datastructure #conf
updated existing importer to include topics with events #conf
created an importer to pull in GitHub's tech topics. This fits my model really well #conf
worked on topic model again and added new fields inspired by GitHub’s public topics. #conf
🐳 tried to add docker release version to my ci process #conf