refactoring all the things but closer to a public launch #conf
🏨 added three more conferences #conf
📝 updated importer to read videos from 1000+ more conferences #conf
started on a new data scraper and realized I need to model talks/videos #conf
worked on tailwind + parcel setup #conf
✨ adds a twitter importer #conf
✨ Added a new conference-data import source which adds 2002 events to our dataset #conf
🐘 Adds a CFP url #conf
🐛 fixed a few cleanup country name bugs #conf
cleaned up countries and cities using flashtext #conf
using to help fix my country importers in python #conf
⚫️ reformatted code with Python Black #conf
🐳 refactors docker setup to build more quickly and be less error prone #conf
🔢 found a few dataset which fills in a ton of gaps #conf
👏 met with a friend/associate to discuss what options her company would be interested in for handling their in house events. #conf
expanded my conference data by x2 to x3 today with the back history of many popular tech conferences #conf
📚 worked on a 6-week plan to get everything out the door #conf
tried out over a break to generate a few logos #mylife #conf
🏈 watching the super bowl while hacking on #conf
adds FOSDEM to my dataset #conf
checking up and doing clean up on the conference list #conf
added DevFestSTL to my conference dataset and checked on data entry project #conf
finished #conf github invites.
🚜 moving #conf website from gitlab to github. still have to figure out a docker registry
📐 tried out a new api pattern using the Cog library to help generate the boilerplate #conf
📚 Updates docs and added a few more conference to my dataset #conf
✅ added two more tech conferences to my dataset #conf
📝 adding more conferences to my dataset and working on the form entry to go live #conf
📝 added a new Vue JS conference #conf
✏️ Added country aliases to help catch common spellings #conf
✏️ co-partner added ci check to our build and I helped fix a few db issues #conf
🔨 finished a city > 15k population importer #conf
🔨 finished a country importer #conf
📝 added an event export command to save event data into frontmatter/markdown to make editing/shipping event data easier #conf
✨ adds django-moderation support events and user editable models #conf
🐳 tried moving Dockerfile to alpine but I ran into a bunch of issues #conf
📝 Adds social auth login. Starting with Twitter and Github to start #conf
📝 Adds feature-flipper support to allow for turning parts of the website off and on #conf
✏ adds parsley form support to edit event form #conf
🗃 add a reusable history app which saves model changes as json #conf
⚗ trying out Parsley.js which looks promising #conf
🏗 woke up early so I started researching js form libraries to upgrade my forms #conf
✏ worked on marketing plan for conference website #conf
💼 more form work #conf
💼 Re-working forms based on the Form Design Patterns book which is 💯 #conf
🎨 fixed a few series display issues #conf
🔍 researched more domain/ company names #conf
🐎 optimized series detail page to display past conference locations #conf
🌎 Fixed location ordering on the series page #conf
✅ adds five new conference to dataset from the frontend forms I setup. working through pain points now #conf
✅ updates side bar #conf
✅ Added event add / update form and updated templates #conf
✅ converted website to monochrome to help figure out layouts #conf
✅ added a second column to my event detail page and filled in most of the missing content sections #conf
✅ working on queued system for handling UGC for data which allows Pro members direct access and everyone else can make updates but they have to be moderated first. #conf
✅ worked on submission/history system for UGC #conf
✅ worked on marketing research tonight #conf
✅ working on new mockups tonight #conf
✅ worked on JFS marketing plan #conf
📚 finished reading [JFS]( and taking notes which I highly recommend. Its worth every dollar 💵. #conf
✅ started on frontend forms #conf
✅ more conferences added #conf
✅ pushed three more conferences #conf
✅ researched idea against PH and other companies who have tried to be in this sector #conf
✅ added a dozen more conferences #conf
✅ added nav bars to events and series pages #conf
✅ worked on screenshot mockups to help set v1/launch goals #conf
✅ added conference series list and detail page #conf
✅ added a few more conferences to our dataset #conf