✨ Adds country edit form and process #conf
🏨 added a dozen+ new conferences to our dataset #conf
🤖 updated the bot to display info about existing conferences. #conf
🐳 updated docker to speed up builds #conf
🤖 Adds telegram support for my import_event_from_twitter management command #conf
🤖 created and launched a bot to import conferences from twitter handles via telegram #conf
🏨 added six more conferences to my dataset #conf
🎨 template and form updates #conf
🎨 more event form updates (spacing is much better) #conf
🎨 updates PH announcement banner #conf
✅ hooked up nav so that dashboard and several other pages actually go to where they are suppose to #conf
✅ imported a dozen more conferences #conf
🔨 trying out django-organizations to help finish one of my last big features #conf