🏡 installed a new Orbi mesh router 📶 in my house. Not a fan so far. #mylife
🔼 Upgraded #dayjob website to latest Django 2.2 and Wagtail 2.5 and rolled out into production. Only real hiccup was minor pagination updates. #mylife
🎉 hanging out tonight to monitor our big client demo and first time Square's Marketplace API has been launched #mylife #dayjob
📝 updated deployment system to use a commitless semver labeling #mylife
🤕 sick in bed for half the day due to headaches and my body not liking a week of over working #mylife
🎂 went to my 1-year-old neighbor's birthday party with the family #mylife
✏ posts, pages, and repo models along with jekyll configs are now supported out of the box #mylife
🤖 my bot now understands git, jekyll, and how to read the jekyll config.yml file #mylife
✏ day job but didn't spend more than a few hours double checking all-the-things #mylife
🤖 now checks out websites and can speak/write to jekyll #mylife
worn out by two very full days of day job #mylife