finish reading Smarter Faster Better by Charles Duhigg and apply concepts in book to life #readwhat
add filter search for meta reviews by breakdown, purposes, moods and mental models #readwhat
convert meta review to REACT component (yep) #readwhat
change seeds with 2 mock authors now #readwhat
finally done with linking up authors with meta reviews! #readwhat
setup mailchimp for readwhat beta subscription. all good to go and tested #readwhat
setup landing page on like finally!! #readwhat
add attribution resource with image upload working #readwhat
complete footer (its all nice and awesome now) #readwhat
Refactor page title into helper method #readwhat
add footer w/ greyscale logo #readwhat
add dynamic meta review tooltips #readwhat
add meta review analysis forms (ux still ways to go to improve β€” but heck, MVP first) #readwhat
fix auto upload image from url bug #readwhat
fix turbolinks issues for meta reviews #readwhat
added blockquotes styling for meta-reviews, fake meta-reviews for testing #readwhat
add tokens typeahead for meta reviews and dynamically load in book details #readwhat
add meta reviews with bootstrap4 styling #readwhat
fix more/less description for markdown for good! (tricky because of html truncation) #readwhat
get started with Wes bos react for beginners (at 7th vid now) #readwhat
add todos and user stories to trello #readwhat
book details page hero section #readwhat
sign up for Blinkist affiliates program #readwhat
sign up for Audible Affiliates program #readwhat
take a day off after long period of exams and ships in between πŸ˜› #readwhat
lofi mockups for admin to add recommendations and how it will display (haven’t included scaling) #readwhat