Remove Coming Soon Heading if no new releases due soon #collectablesTracker
Add SuperZings to available Collections #collectablesTracker
Move to img cover for cleaner view on desktop #collectablesTracker
Add the new Lego Movie 2 Minifigures #collectablesTracker
make it easier to add a new collectables series, including csv import #collectablesTracker
fixed duplicate meta data across series pages #collectablesTracker
Mobile App (Flutter) - Complete Authentication - #collectablesTracker
Public pages should only show owned collectables, not everything available #collectablesTracker
Push everything through SES now verified / working #collectablesTracker
Bug - Link missing user slug #collectablesTracker
Fix SES DKIM validation failure #collectablesTracker
Checklist seems to be a common word used for collectables. i.e. Shopkins Series 2 Checklist - Update content to make use of this word more #collectablesTracker
Payment Status ignored in a couple of places. Fix that shit. #collectablesTracker
Automated Email when trial about to end. Keep it clean and simple #collectablesTracker
updated_at not getting updated which sccres ordering on front page when new series added to collection #collectablesTracker
Add Upgrade CTA for when Trial runs out #collectablesTracker
Set up weekly automated tweet advertising what collections are available to track #collectablesTracker
Add LEGO BrickHeadz to available Collections #collectablesTracker
Add Shopkins - Cutie Cars to available Collections #collectablesTracker
Bug - Instant Search - Backspace not activating search #collectablesTracker
Add autoposting to twitter when new collectables collection added #collectablesTracker
Screenshot 2019-01-08 at 23.26.38.png
Add notification to users when new Collectable List added #collectablesTracker
Clean up My Collectables Page #collectablesTracker
Show more results on mobile search results #collectablesTracker
Apply fix to Search Results for inconsistent image sizes #collectablesTracker
Add Call to Action (Register link) to Search Results #collectablesTracker
Add User Totals to Series Breakdown #collectablestracker