Send email to all users asking for feedback #pixelchallenge
Discover Chinese forum where they're talking about my stuff #pixelchallenge
Make environment selector recognise local production build is not production environment #pixelchallenge
Write and schedule email for first users #pixelchallenge
Customer support: ask Constantijn for his feedback on PRO #pixelchallenge
Fix "max_streak" set to nil on user creation bug #pixelchallenge
Disable typewriter animation on goal setting (user feedback suggests it's confusing) #pixelchallenge
Don’t make users lose streak after completing one challenge - prompt to do another one #pixelchallenge
API: some non-existing user validations #pixelchallenge
Reset streak on remote server after clicking the "reset challenge" btn #pixelchallenge
Replicate the β€œcan’t reset challenge” bug #pixelchallenge