Send email to all users asking for feedback #pixelchallenge
Discover Chinese forum where they're talking about my stuff #pixelchallenge
Make environment selector recognise local production build is not production environment #pixelchallenge
Write and schedule email for first users #pixelchallenge
Customer support: ask Constantijn for his feedback on PRO #pixelchallenge
Fix "max_streak" set to nil on user creation bug #pixelchallenge
Disable typewriter animation on goal setting (user feedback suggests it's confusing) #pixelchallenge
Don’t make users lose streak after completing one challenge - prompt to do another one #pixelchallenge
API: some non-existing user validations #pixelchallenge
Reset streak on remote server after clicking the "reset challenge" btn #pixelchallenge
Replicate the “can’t reset challenge” bug #pixelchallenge
Modify all event triggers to only fire when not on development environment #pixelchallenge
Add environment config and automatically get config depending on environment (prod-staging-dev) #pixelchallenge
Send emails to PRO users #pixelchallenge
Add leaderboard summary + leaderboard page to static landing #pixelchallenge
Link API with Gravatar to fetch avatars + fetch random placeholder avatar if empty #pixelchallenge
API: update max_streak when updating streak #pixelchallenge
Add API endpoint: full leaderboard #pixelchallenge
Make 6 random avatar placeholders #pixelchallenge
Update front to save user id and update/reset streak with API #pixelchallenge
Enforce email validation in frontend #pixelchallenge
Add API endpoint: reset streak #pixelchallenge
Add API endpoint: update streak #pixelchallenge
Add top leaderboard endpoint API #pixelchallenge
Design leaderboard page + addon + overall ux #pixelchallenge
Change USP in landing page #pixelchallenge
Add PRO features to landing page #pixelchallenge
Add challenge length row to landing page #pixelchallenge
Roll out v0.9.8 and tag on git #pixelchallenge
Correct landing page copy to reflect new features #pixelchallenge
Add reminder notifications #pixelchallenge
Modify pro modal description to better reflect discovered user pains #pixelchallenge
Add reset challenge button on settings #pixelchallenge
Add tracking for “challenge reset to 0” event #pixelchallenge
Finish onboarding + fix select custom duration #pixelchallenge
Better duration selector display #pixelchallenge
Add button to set goal on onboarding #pixelchallenge
Add API connection on user onboarding #pixelchallenge
Create api and new user endpoint #pixelchallenge
User info registration on onboarding — frontend logic #pixelchallenge
Make dropdown to allow users to change challenge duration #pixelchallenge
Further curate the bg image set until there's only ~60 images left to ensure only the best ones come into the default pack #pixelchallenge
Curate a collection of 150+ pics for the default backgrounds folder and make sure they all look good with the default interface overlay #pixelchallenge
Use user feedback to determine roadmap and clear tasks for v0.9.8 #pixelchallenge
Add BoJack horseman quote #pixelchallenge
Share v0.9.7 with first wave of "random" betatesters #pixelchallenge
Create betatesters' chat group #pixelchallenge
Release v0.9.7 for betatesting #pixelchallenge
Fix restart challenge button not showing bug #pixelchallenge
Redesign performance fix affected CSS classes so they're visually attractive yet still performant #pixelchallenge
Fix performance issue causing GPU to go crazy due to colors with alpha channel being applied to elements over an image background when another element was animating on top of these (thus causing implicit GPU overlay) #pixelchallenge
Compress critical images to make them lighter and reduce load time, updated default image collection to Travel cuz it's beautiful #pixelchallenge
Release v0.9.6 with new features for betatester group #pixelchallenge
Set up Stripe thing with Telegram notifications #pixelchallenge
Add purchase mockup and notification #pixelchallenge
Onboarding: Stay accountable modal #pixelchallenge
User onboarding: add sample pixels and instructions on first run #pixelchallenge
Implement "reset challenge" logic #pixelchallenge
Implement rolling callendar logic (challenge starts on today, ends on today+1year) #pixelchallenge
Submit betatester's preview (v.0.9.5) to chrome web store #pixelchallenge
Make it open a new tab automatically on extansion install #pixelchallenge
Find about cookieDomain and checkProtocolTask to make it work on production #pixelchallenge
Learn about siteSpeedSampleRate and make GA work properly in production #pixelchallenge
Install GA via ga-react and add a bunch of trackers, also load the .js locally #pixelchallenge
Set up Chrome Web Store account #pixelchallenge
Add Lato font to project so any user can see a beautiful interface with proper fonts even if they don't have it installed in their computer #pixelchallenge
Optimize the shit out of all components so the new tab load time is below 500ms #pixelchallenge
Add feedback link to settings page #pixelchallenge
Sent landing page with new visuals to some potential users, got 5 interested potential users, talked with them and got their first feedback round #pixelchallenge
Finish main product animation #pixelchallenge
Learn enough After Effects to make the revealing pixels animation #pixelchallenge
Start main vid animation in AE #pixelchallenge
Write first version of the video script #pixelchallenge
Deploy to actual website #pixelchallenge
Better first image on landing #pixelchallenge
Make OG social images for social cards #pixelchallenge
Adapt landing page for smartphone / responsive #pixelchallenge
Finish v1 of landing page with all animations (at least on a basic version) #pixelchallenge
Landing page: everything except for assets/animations #pixelchallenge
Make smooth settings pane animation by animating the translate property and not the width property #pixelchallenge
Landing page html skeleton #pixelchallenge
Better pixel styles on background images #pixelchallenge
Add y scroll to all settings so every settings item is visible #pixelchallenge
Move background image to its own component to optimize re-renders and performance #pixelchallenge
Dynamic background images import using Webpack #pixelchallenge
Update navbar if relevant elements change #pixelchallenge
Write all the copy for the landing page #pixelchallenge
Landing page content layout #pixelchallenge
Performance analysis to know which components are slowing the first load of the react app #pixelchallenge
Add click event listener on user onboard so its not confusing for them what to do #pixelchallenge
Fix bug on goal resetting #pixelchallenge
Pure CSS Twitter follow button replacement to avoid loading extra css+js from external resources #pixelchallenge
Optimize re-renderings by implementing shouldComponentUpdate and using some PureComponents #pixelchallenge
Add custom background feature and setting #pixelchallenge
Make manifest's content_security_policy accept both self and remote scripts so that I can load Stripe 🎉 #pixelchallenge
Add html skeleton so it at least shows something before scripts are done rendering #pixelchallenge
Turn project into a Chrome extension #pixelchallenge
Finish 0.9.0 and ship to get first feedback #pixelchallenge
Implement Stripe frontend + upsell modal #pixelchallenge
Bunch of work, product almost fully functional #pixelchallenge
Do a whole lot of stuff I didn’t properly log into smaller tasks but basically user onboard and look&feel #pixelchallenge
Refactor the single component with 1000 lines of code that was the project into a proper component architecture #pixelchallenge
Add motivational quotes at the bottom #pixelchallenge
Add user goal title + setter on state+storage when changed #pixelchallenge
Black out days in the past #pixelchallenge
Add pulse animation to current day if it's not yet checked #pixelchallenge
Design an almost definitive logo #pixelchallenge
Design a bunch of logo options, none of which I'm happy with #pixelchallenge
Screenshot 2019-01-16 at 00.51.57.png
Show different messages if today’s checked #pixelchallenge
Add last day checked logic #pixelchallenge
Do research about JS animations #pixelchallenge
Make localstorage work, allowing mvp to basically work #pixelchallenge
Build super raw functional MVP in React #pixelchallenge