Add click event listener on user onboard so its not confusing for them what to do #pixelchallenge
Fix bug on goal resetting #pixelchallenge
Pure CSS Twitter follow button replacement to avoid loading extra css+js from external resources #pixelchallenge
Optimize re-renderings by implementing shouldComponentUpdate and using some PureComponents #pixelchallenge
Add custom background feature and setting #pixelchallenge
Make manifest's content_security_policy accept both self and remote scripts so that I can load Stripe πŸŽ‰ #pixelchallenge
Add html skeleton so it at least shows something before scripts are done rendering #pixelchallenge
Turn project into a Chrome extension #pixelchallenge
Finish 0.9.0 and ship to get first feedback #pixelchallenge
Implement Stripe frontend + upsell modal #pixelchallenge
Bunch of work, product almost fully functional #pixelchallenge
Do a whole lot of stuff I didn’t properly log into smaller tasks but basically user onboard and look&feel #pixelchallenge
Refactor the single component with 1000 lines of code that was the project into a proper component architecture #pixelchallenge
Add motivational quotes at the bottom #pixelchallenge
Add user goal title + setter on state+storage when changed #pixelchallenge
Black out days in the past #pixelchallenge
Add pulse animation to current day if it's not yet checked #pixelchallenge
Design an almost definitive logo #pixelchallenge
Design a bunch of logo options, none of which I'm happy with #pixelchallenge
Screenshot 2019-01-16 at 00.51.57.png
Show different messages if today’s checked #pixelchallenge
Add last day checked logic #pixelchallenge
Do research about JS animations #pixelchallenge
Make localstorage work, allowing mvp to basically work #pixelchallenge
Build super raw functional MVP in React #pixelchallenge