finalize Q1 financial goals and ensure all team members are on the same page. #nadiasevening
follow up with Rosemary bridal party order #nadiasevening
follow up with zg inventory online #nadiasevening
follow up with Carolyn on Friday #nadiasevening
create selling projection plan for Q1 (profit and how much Iļø should expect to spend on new merch) compared to LY numbers #nadiasevening
figure out zap for Shopify and excel #nadiasevening
emailed show me your Mumu wholesale department #nadiasevening
create Prom project planning for Q1 #nadiasevening
quarter one event planning completed #nadiasevening
updated new customer email on all social sites #nadiasevening
update trunk show dates into webpage (temporary) #nadiasevening
upload photoshoots online - designate a page for stylized shoots #nadiasevening
add prom collection online #nadiasevening
complete action plan for Laura to execute while Iā€™m out of town #nadiasevening
bring larger plant pot for store display #nadiasevening
create employee manual for temp manager position #nadiasevening
follow up with Mary Lou from GG #nadiasevening
Seattle wedding show promo material needs to contain our store information and given to local coffee shops and businesses we have collaborated with in the past. Make a list of these and delegate to assistant. #nadiasevening
create visual merchandising plan for Black Friday #nadiasevening
follow up with Nicole Bakti regarding new collection launch #nadiasevening