#sheet2site add stripe integration via checkout page
#sheet2site change Custom scripts like facebook messenger bot -> Custom scripts like a Facebook Messenger bot
#sheet2site find a way how to connect subdomains if client is already using website builder on homepage and don’t want to change it.
#sheet2site understand scss and I can change colors in one place
#sheet2site make a bit better illustration
#sheet2site try to be cool and add cool illustration
#sheet2site pricing page (monthly / yearly switcher)
#sheet2site SSL (https) support for Pro plans
#sheet2site Add WordPress support via templates
#sheet2site send questions to all churned users why they churned.
#sheet2site asked churned users why they churned 19 sent 2 reply -> so 10% replied
#sheet2site add what’s new to the front page link to WIP updates
#sheet2site add custom height of the header image param in the sheet for David
#sheet2site Add “You can read the story of this app” to the front page for Zach
#sheet2site Make header images smaller height
#sheet2site Moved from Dropbox to Bitbucket privat repo till July 24
#sheet2site integrate Blinkloader for images optimization and lazy load
#sheet2site add facebook messager for Arpit
#sheet2site support both versions of filters (single = “on” and multi = “on2”)
#sheet2site Filters works more than one
#sheet2site make first version of open page with Google Data Studio: https://www.sheet2site.com/open/
#sheet2site add logo lifehacker ru and lifehacker jp
#sheet2site switch from codes to keys
#sheet2site Make good 404 for all paid users
#sheet2site fix open-sans font in safari
#sheet2site update screenshots to make them perfect
#sheet2site add yearly price and call to action buttons
#sheet2site connect first user easy to hosting without hard way
#sheet2site test hosting and connect domain
#sheet2site add all press covers to front page
#sheet2site put all clients in one place with current status
#sheet2site add showcase page with all cool sites that were made by people https://www.sheet2site.com/s/showcase/
#sheet2site Add possibility to connect Google Analytics from Spreadsheet via Google Analytics ID
#sheet2site help G setup custom domain
#sheet2site remove “Made with sheet2site” for premium
#sheet2site mobile optimization for cards
#sheet2site List of all paids customers + statuses + chat links + chat bckps
#sheet2site increase price to $10 and $20
#sheet2site add job-board to front page
#sheet2site /done create jobs template sheet2site.com/s/job-board/
#sheet2site width of card in % support
#sheet2site make googlesheet to json lib making object (key value) not array
#sheet2site answer on 52 messages in chat
#sheet2site Fix CSS in header (titcles, cat button, filters)! Big thanks @@kossnocorp who helped me with CSS.
#sheet2site change avatar to 150px
#sheet2site Change home page texts accordign to Alex’s English suggestions.
#sheet2site Rewrite core API working with JSON Objects instead of Arrays
#sheet2site Connect Google Analitics to all generated pages so that I can know what sites people are making
#sheet2site fix all cause all broke
#sheet2site fix auto width CAT button
#sheet2site add white border to pictures (Piet’s)
#sheet2site Add manual directly to sheet because users lost when they clicking on template
#sheet2site Add screenshot with mapping card and columns to make user undertand relation sheet and card
#sheet2site Fix no logo border bug
#sheet2site Add description with use cases how people can use it
#sheet2site add screen how to change background image
#sheet2site add template examples like airtable
#sheet2site Domain. Cloudflare HTTPS/todo
#sheet2site Analytics. Google Analytics
#sheet2site text box needs to be under the sheet → WWW logo, because it's CTA, always have it above the fold but move the generate and textbox as duplicate above fold on frontpage too
#sheet2site heroku have issues wait undetill they will solve it
#sheet2site text box needs to be under the sheet → WWW logo, because it's CTA, always have it above the fold but move the generate and textbox as duplicate above fold on frontpage too
#sheet2site @levelsio "make a copy of sheet template" → "make a copy of this sheet template"
#sheet2site @levelsio make your website part looks messy, center text,
#sheet2site @levelsio 3 image blocks don't load they're white
#sheet2site Domain. Connect to heroku
#sheet2site moved part of sites to netlify and setup dns.
#sheet2site fix all heroku apps and move to new account
#sheet2site Templates. Crypto List
#sheet2site Product. Cool stylish design CSS
#sheet2site Templates. Nomad List