make touchable score bar for crowdsource submit modal #nomadlist
import all posts from Discourse into SQLite db with matching user_id's etc. #nomadlist
add <textarea> post form so people can reply to a thread #nomadlist
add infinite threading forum #nomadlist
add edit post functioanlity #nomadlist
add delete post button #nomadlist
add Celsius/Fahrenheit switcher #nomadlist
add #nomadlist /coworking page with full index of coworkings etc. and give each coworking an individual page with info
fix flights #nomadlist from Kiwi
if cold loading #nomadlist /cities-for-families it doesn't sort by life score, but if you filter it with JS it does sort by life score
add Service Worker to make #nomadlist offline app
fix on edit trip #nomadlist change arrival date it changes end date to same so annoying why
fix when MONTH filter set to December, temperature in December is shown in GRID VIEW but not on MAP where temperature TODAY is shown #nomadlist
make frontpage first show horizontally scrollabe rows with cities under header for diff interests #nomadlist remove when filter is applied
add with Apple Pay on #nomadlist sign up
make price page look sexy like this #nomadlist
organize free screening of nomad documentary on #nomadlist for a day/week and pay for it
fix tooltips off modal #nomadlist
make basic compare 2 cities page #nomadlist (for @andreyazimov)