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new connection rules => part of #skillmap's ongoing mission to be the safest and best way to make local professional connections
all new connection requests now get processed as a ReasonForm which evaluates (server-side) a minimum of a 10 character reason for connecting #skillmap
had budapest launch party (and gained about 40 new users in the process!) for #skillmap
onboarded 5 more users in budapest #skillmap
fixed safari mobile UI onboarding bug #skillmap
arranged and promoted #skillmap mini launch party
onboarded 20+ people in Budapest to #skillmap
changed indices sync mechanism to function-based, not http request #skillmap
fixed search indices syncing mechanism bug #skillmap
styling fixes to here page to handle content variation #skillmap
added mode-selector and handing for offers and asks #skillmap
changing data structure formatting for better noticeboard item access #skillmap
working noticeboard items (adding, editing) with backend sync #skillmap
built v1 UI of noticeboard functionality #skillmap
removed ability to send yourself friend requests #skillmap