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outline the remaining missing tests so I have a better picture of work ahead #newsletty
finish account tests and fix bugs found due to that #newsletty
add first sets of tests and make sure everything works in ci #newsletty
point netlify to new github repo #newsletty
migrate project to github and set up tests runner #newsletty
Add and set up hound and add first test to see if everything is working #newsletty
Improve redirect/destinations after some CRUD actions #newsletty
Show flash messages for error cases where it makes sense #newsletty
Add basic flash elements to html/css so we can show messages #newsletty
Fix dashboard links being visible when not logged in #newsletty
Implement controller actions and templates for password auth #newsletty
Update users table with field to store password hash #newsletty
Handle unsubscribe, fail and complaint mailgun webhooks #newsletty
Get mailgun API key from existing config to verify webhook signature #newsletty
finally have an implementation to send out posts I am happy with...took a lot of tries #newsletty
Create send job that schedules batches to send and sends them #newsletty
Define oban maintenance job in lieu of our own account cleaner genserver #newsletty
Add oban as new job queue replacing rihanna #newsletty