Email Copy for Indie Makers
Helping indie makers & very small companies with email copy
catch up with client messages on Basecamp cos Tuesday to Thursday was a bit out of order #copywritingdelivery
6-weekly check-in and review call with client #naii #copywritingdelivery
downgrade Calendly to Basic (from Premium) to reduce the amount of event types to 1 and to save those 10 dollars per month #naii #copywritingdelivery
some β€žinfusion” of email growing list strategies #copywritingdelivery
first time that I prepared a special offer for a conference, incl. a landing page with video and the offer itself (English and German). We’ll see how it works. In St. Petersburg, Florida in T minus 3 days. #copywritingdelivery
Finally done incl. all sub-pages of, my email copywriting service for indie makers like you #copywritingdelivery - German translation soon