start translation of new index page #copywritingdelivery
Merged my Work With Me page and my About page and my Index page into one single page. The result is online: #copywritingdelivery - German translation tomorrow
I made a mistake and I apologized, and as a result worked on a new index page for #copywritingdelivery
research of my target market (solo techpreneurs & small software companies) for #copywritingdelivery
translate all new content into German #copywritingdelivery (finally done and just on time before the weekend *yeah*)
translate blog page into German and fix blog article sub-pages #copywritingdelivery
translate Typeform questionnaire into German #copywritingdelivery
create Impressum page + Datenschutzerklärung page for #copywritingdelivery
fix and translate EN Work With Me page to German #copywritingdelivery
fix and translate EN index page to German #copywritingdelivery
create a new placeholder impressum and zusammenarbeiten page #copywritingdelivery
fix and translate EN /about page to German #copywritingdelivery
shorten footer text on all pages of #copywritingdelivery
fix work with me button in footer #copywritingdelivery
fix CSS style of subscribe button for email list #copywritingdelivery