Email Copy for Indie Makers
Helping indie makers & very small companies with email copy
move my client process (for email copywriting jobs) to #copywritingdelivery
ask question in Who uses email campaigns for their products? I’d like to help you (free of charge). #copywritingdelivery
email all last LPA requestees (funny word) and tell them about my free ECA offer #copywritingdelivery
add a precise offer to for a ready-to-deliver email campaign (5-7 emails) delivered within 2-3 weeks including research, interviews, analysis, and execution of the campaign - if the results don’t blow you away, I’ll give it two more tries (free of charge). All of that for the price of € 1.750 excl. VAT. #copywritingdelivery
redesign to make it look more polished and valuable, inspired by pages like #copywritingdelivery
make 10 cold calls regarding my email copywriting service #copywritingdelivery
record 1st episode of β€œThe Business of Email Copywriting” podcast #copywritingdelivery
continue GC University after MIT done #copywritingdelivery
continue value-based pricing course after MIT done #copywritingdelivery
reiterate client work essentials course after MIT done #copywritingdelivery