rewrite lost changes of #httpscop uptime engine's request tracing program
some manual fixing with a site that was erroring out #httpscop
still show stuff in summary table correctly for me #httpscop
fix some data manually cuz ssl cert cron worker logic was changed #sslalerts #httpscop
improve ssl cert expiration cron worker #sslalerts #httpscop
revive disabled websites cuz of consecutive failures #httpscop
fix few sites that got disabled after failing several times #httpscop
sketch out the architecture of a completely serverless uptime monitoring system #httpscop
test last night's code of uptime monitoring -> alerts didn't work, lol #httpscop
figure out the uptime logic of what site just went down + what site just came back up & fire email alerts #httpscop
get saving of uptime metrics working #httpscop
refactor bits of golang uptime checker #httpscop
restructure JSON of communication between my server & aws lambdas #httpscop
aggregate data from uptime checkers running on lambdas #httpscop
finally roll with db schema (58 columns 🤠) #httpscop
deploy uptime checker code to 8 locations #httpscop
write a blog post on how to deploy AWS lambda code to multiple regions - #httpscop
write bash script to deploy AWS lambda code to multiple regions #httpscop
figure out AWS lambda locations 🌍 I am going to use for uptime checker of #httpscop
stop myself from over-engineering things too early #httpscop
promote alpha build of #httpscop uptime checker to beta status
successfully deploy alpha build of golang uptime checker on lambda (first ever lambda deployment) #httpscop
finish alpha build of golang uptime checker #httpscop
put together the strategy to build website analyser tool #httpscop
disable routine scan fail pager alerts #httpscop
only 1 alert email per 5mins per non-200 error status code #httpscop
support concurrent running workers of scan worker #httpscop
clear already sent alerts when ssl is renewed (expiration changes) #httpscop
build "Launch Stats" dashboard widget for stats #httpscop
shutdown new users incoming on for now + only offer email optin #httpscop
build homepage for #httpscop freemium tool
setup redirect from to using #redirecto (Eat your own dog food ✌️) #httpscop
cache #httpscop freemium tool carrd site statically, ready for on-the-fly modification using stattic
setup domain + SSL for freemium tool #httpscop
decide on as the url of the tool #httpscop
disable 30 day alert #httpscop
blow my brains out on architecturing the whole shebang (to be continued..) #httpscop
let Puppeteer beat me to death #httpscop
tweak hero section illustrations #httpscop
do not allow adding new websites beyond trial without a paid account if no websites were added during trial #httpscop
only allow 2 websites to be added during trial (starter plan equivalent) #httpscop
increase trial period to 14 days #httpscop
update logo on api docs #httpscop
chase down a broken dependency issue #httpscop
show customer_designation in users listing table #httpscop
investigate the curious case of Paddle webhook #httpscop
learn gulp & setup css optimization in WP theme #httpscop
copy edits for homepage #httpscop
fix bug to show expired cert as ❌ instead of ⚠️ in summary tab #httpscop
finish WordPress theme #httpscop
update logo on telegram bot #httpscop
deploy fix again, lol - For notifying me only once of consecutive scan failures of a website #httpscop
update logo on twitter #httpscop
create a logo using online tools #httpscop
only send me an alert once, when a site crosses consecutive_assessment_fails_threshold #httpscop
build a mini-tool to quickly evaluate & show redirections w/ https setup (non-www to www or vice-versa on both 80,443 ports) #httpscop
make first version of https redirection test tool #httpscop
handle another edge case in scanning #httpscop
log failed scans separately for inspection #httpscop
build telegram alert functionality inside of alert cron worker #httpscop
add Google analytics #httpscop
send cert expiration alerts right away if applicable after first scan #httpscop
follow up with wip folks who didn't take any action #httpscop
enable SSL monitoring of in #httpscop
add telegram bot option on #httpscop landing page as opposed to have users enter an email to start trial
create first_scan_complete event #httpscop
show telegram icon for telegram bot users in UI #httpscop
save name of telegram bot users #httpscop
manual scan should detect if a scan was initiated within a few mins earlier (maybe from updation), then just wait for that scan to finish rather than starting a new one #httpscop
attach sending user scan results for first scans #httpscop
disable #httpscop telegram bots from talking in groups for now
Deal away with continuous page refersing upon first scan #httpscop
reach out to all wip folks whose site was flagged in SSL config test #httpscop
check why #httpscop can't scan
fix an issue with logs formatting #httpscop
handle errored out hosts a little better #httpscop
increase timeout for scan of websites that have a lot of servers behind them #httpscop
maintain state for websites to indicate whether they are being scanned right now in UI (manual or routine) + better UX for manual rescan #httpscop
fix bug with freshness check worker so that scans are fired on time every 24 hrs, not in an approximate manner #httpscop
show actionable steps when SSL health is bad #httpscop
setup twitter account #httpscop
if alert email is not present, use customer's email for alert #httpscop
ssl expired alerts keep on firing to me, need it to be just one-time #httpscop
check email content type, some issue with links appearing as text and not html #httpscop
add all of my sites for monitoring on live engine 😇 #httpscop
prefill customer's email address in alerts email field on quick-add dashboard widget #httpscop
show websites count in users table #httpscop
display additional columns in user table #httpscop
test payment plan on #httpscop
add login link on homepage #httpscop
show ownership column in websites listing table to admins #httpscop
show last scan time in days only when its more than 2 days, before that hours #httpscop
implement request identifier (unique to the request) inside of log files #httpscop
exclude error'ed out hosts from routine check but any update to them should make them alive again #httpscop
better handle when a non-https site is added #httpscop
deploy live for private launch #httpscop
setup trial accounts option #httpscop
limit number of websites per account as per their plan #httpscop
test proxy integration #httpscop
remove comment moderation functionality for programmaticly added comments (this is firing unnecessary emails for moderation) #httpscop
page me when cron workers take more than 30mins to run #httpscop
show title with readonly attrib and copy over domain meta to title #httpscop
upon update, scan shouldn't say [First Assessment] in logs #httpscop
install mailgun for sending transactional emails #httpscop
users should only see domains they own (issue with WP custom capabilities) #httpscop
handled edge cases in error handling + small css fixes #httpscop
show "last scan" time for websites in summary and in websites listing table #httpscop
fix relative time calculation bug #httpscop
style logs display in a basic timeline #httpscop
much better error handling #httpscop
add proper logging for cron workers #httpscop
show timestamps as local time everywhere in UI #httpscop
use anomaly meta as a factor in calculating ssl health #httpscop
show big red warning for expired certificates #httpscop
improve ssl health calculation logic #httpscop
must bust cache with on-demand scans #httpscop
add option to run a scan on-demand #httpscop
build alerts functionality defined as per set of alerts which will change with time #httpscop
add logging on all action being taken on a particular domain (scan timestamps, alert timestamps etc) #httpscop
add worker to run daily checks on all domains #httpscop
reload for results when analysis finishes #httpscop