send lesson 1.9 of masterclass this Saturday #freewritecamp
finshed and sent the last lesson of the Story Creation Masterclass for this year's class - 7.6k words *uff* #freewritecamp
still mainly working on this 7k-words beast of a lesson. It's the last one for the #freewritecamp masterclass this year and I want to say farewell duly. Will be finishing tomorrow and send it out - with so many free bonuses for masterclass students *yeha*
made good progress writing the last lesson of this season's #freewritecamp masterclass on story creation and story marketing. A part of me wants to get it done, another part wants to postpone because scared of the possible void after - I know stupid. Anyway. Will continue tomorrow to finish and send the lesson.
wrote intro and defined the outline for the last lesson (no. 12) of the #freewritecamp story creation masterclass - filling the outline later this week
finished, finished, finished. Triple finish because I just sent out 3 emails containing 3 landing page analyses with 9k words and 44 minutes to read all words. Last lesson for this year's #freewritecamp story creation masterclass is due this weekend. I'm sad and happy at the same time. Puh. Preparing to take the last hurdle.
finished writing and editng all three landing page analyses incl. an in-depth code and copy amendments. Final review before delivery is still due (after breakfast) #freewritecamp
finished the analysis and live-polishing of also the the 3rd landing page of a student at the #freewritecamp storytelling masterclass - feel like celebrating but that would be too early because I still need to send the emails (tomorrow)
another two hours for polising the first and second landing page analysis of my #freewritecamp storytelling masterclass students - only one landing page analysis left today and then I can send out the lesson 11
though I didn't finish writing lesson 11 of the #freewritecamp today I analyzed another landing page of a student and optimized its copy and html/css code