wrote the next lesson 2.7 of the #freewritecamp masterclass, this time analyzing a product landing page of Simple Programmer
I can't believe it actually happend but I just sent out the next lesson on "Conversion Rate Optimization 101 (CRO)" as part of the #freewritecamp masterclass. So far, with almost 4.000 words and 20 minutes reading time this has been the longest lesson I have created. Making it took me 9,75 hours but it was worth it. :)
since I want to focus on #stolenvoice, I decided I'll finish the last 6 lesson of the #freewritecamp masterclass and then move into auto-pilot mode
finished writing lesson 2.5 of the masterclass and prepared the emails to send out on Saturday *yeah* #freewritecamp
finished the draft of lesson 2.5 "content marketing crash course" - writing phase finished, editing later #freewritecamp
wrote a bit on the stages of the buyer's journey as part of lesson 2.5 of the #freewritecamp story-creation masterclass
sent out the email for lesson 2.4 "Essentials of copywriting" #freewritecamp
finished writing lesson 2.4 "Essentials of copywriting" for #freewritecamp - ready to be sent out tomorrow. Feels very good to be done earlier than than the due date :P
sent email of next lesson 2.3 鈥濼ypes and techniques of a landing page鈥 #freewritecamp
finished the lesson 3 on the types and techniques of landing pages for your story marketing - took 7.5 hours (what a beast) - and prepared everything so the email can be sent on Saturday. Feels good to be done earlier than usual :) #freewritecamp
finished and sent lesson 2/12 of my masterclass on the elements of a landing page - the essential and optional ones #freewritecamp
work further on the next lesson: outlined all crucial and some optional elements of a landing page and made some first notes on each (more like brain-storming and from the material I had collected); also, for a future lesson, I broke down the structure of an exisiting landing page that's still live and working. #freewritecamp
worked further on the lesson of the elements of a landing page and created an example structure of a landing page. Because a landing page can serve different purposes landinge pages contain different elements. #freewritecamp
raced through the resources I've gathered and made notes so I can write lesson 2 out of 12 for the story marketing phase in the next days #freewritecamp
finished a 6-hour writing marathon and send the 1st lesson out of 12 about story marketing (inbound marketing) *puh* #freewritecamp
finally sent lesson 12 (this season's last one) on communication and listening - took incredible 12.5 hours from zero to sent *puh* #freewritecamp
wrote the draft of lesson 12 for story creation masterclass - wanted to get done with it today but didn't work so will send tomorrow #freewritecamp
wrote and sent new lesson 11 of Story Creation Masterclass on the topic of storytelling in social media #freewritecamp
also set up mailchimp account because it has a good pricing model (affordable) #freewritecamp
made a list of all 2017 and 2018 masterclass students and set up sendinblue to have some email automation helping me in case emails become too much handle #freewritecamp
personally welcomed my next student for the 2018 Story Creation Masterclass starting in December *yippie* #freewritecamp
make freewritecamp.org secure with https #freewritecamp
wrote and sent new lesson 10 of Story Creation Masterclass, today on how to be more interesting #freewritecamp
came up with the titles of the last 3 lessons of the Story Creation Masterclass' winter season #freewritecamp
wrote the final version of lesson 9 of the Story Creation Masterclass (my best writing advice). It's the shortest email but it was the hardest to write. Will send out on Saturday as usual - feels good to have that preproduced and not write that email kind of rushy like the last 2 Saturdays #freewritecamp
wrote the close-to-final version of lesson 9 of the Story Creation Masterclass: the one best writing advice I can give #freewritecamp
wrote and sent lesson 8 of the Story Creation Masterclass on the benefit of having a unique selling proposition (USP) when creating a product's story #freewritecamp
wrote and sent lesson 7 of the Story Creation Masterclass on the value of customer care and connection #freewritecamp
wrote and sent lesson 6 of the Story Creation Masterclass on the essentials of drama #freewritecamp