dev -> trial & payment code refactoring #abcgamers
dev -> improved Trial logic #abcgamers
dev -> Preview of config files in Expert Settings using #abcgamers
dev -> added Payment & Billing template component #abcgamers
call with accountants #abcgamers
set up clients with new mails #abcgamers
fixed issue with wrong method events propagating in top menu #abcgamers
work on vue router guards #abcgamers
block ark game server management in some conditions #abcgamers
works on ark config commands and options... #abcgamers
client fixes: trial info showing for non-trial users, some buttons remained in disabled state on error returned from server, issue with getting to login page after logout #abcgamers
tech call with MP re moving servers, clustering game servers etc #abcgamers
dev - > make Trial working nicely - proper trial end date, proper time left show on dashboard, email reminders sent, servers deleted on trial end #abcgamers
dev-> make worker bot to send email reminders before free trial ends #abcgamers
dev-> make worker bot delete trial servers automatically after scheduled time #abcgamers
dev-> make a scheduling worker #abcgamers
review scheduling task options for node #abcgamers
dev -> add trial counter on dashboard #abcgamers
work on logic for trial #abcgamers
dev-> create RCON component #abcgamers
dev-> backend, db, api calls for SFTP connections to game servers #abcgamers
dev-> create component for SFTP settings #abcgamers
dev-> minor styling changes to Login and Register page #abcgamers
dev -> break and fix more security stuff πŸ›  #abcgamers
dev -> moar security stuff πŸ”§ #abcgamers
dev -> securing some stuff 🀫 #abcgamers
dev -> create component template for Expert Settings #abcgamers
deploy current builds (front end & back end) to test servers #abcgamers
fixed issue with disappearing list of installed mods after updating config #abcgamers
dev -> filter config settings (show only changed on current ark server) #abcgamers
dev-> save custom server config in DB #abcgamers
dev -> backend API calls for changing Ark Server Config #abcgamers
reformat config output for config Api calls #abcgamers
dev -> prepare user changed settings #abcgamers
solve issue with not working checkboxes on Advance Settings / Config page #abcgamers
huge spreadsheet with config settings - part 2 #abcgamers
huge spreadsheet with config settings - part 1😫 #abcgamers
another batch of config options for Ark #abcgamers
works on ark server config settings #abcgamers
tech/product meeting with MP #abcgamers
work on Ark Server config settings #abcgamers
dev -> make a searchable table with advanced options (mockup data) #abcgamers
dev -> create first template component for Server Advanced Settings #abcgamers
dev -> make server-side pagination for Ark Mods #abcgamers
dev -> reduce amount of downloaded data for Mods by 50% πŸ’β€β™‚οΈ coz why not... one liner πŸ•Ί #abcgamers
dev -> installing ark mods from "quick install" section #abcgamers
display available mods in dashboard (testing 2 versions cards vs data iteration) #abcgamers
dev -> uninstalling Ark Mods from game servers (backend) #abcgamers
dev -> fix css and styling issues on Mod component (frontend) #abcgamers
dev -> display installed Ark Mods in user dashboard #abcgamers
dev -> install ark mods on game instances on provisioning servers #abcgamers
dev -> database models, backend api calls etc for adding new Ark Mods #abcgamers
dev some magic calls to use with ark mods #abcgamers
dev -> Ark Mods component template (frontend) #abcgamers
review ark Server Configuration requirements #abcgamers
submit feature request to vuetify after hours of trying to get Quaderno tax calculation working with v-select components #abcgamers
update all packages to the latest versions (frontend)... open gates of hell 😈.. revert... updated only chosen packages to latest versions... #abcgamers
fix firewall things on prov servers #abcgamers
dev -> work on stripe/quaderno payments #abcgamers
dev -> make country list properly populated and searchable πŸ”Ž #abcgamers
dev -> create own checkout using Stripe Elements (frontend) - because why not πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ #abcgamers
dev -> make Quaderno / Stripe checkout working on frontend #abcgamers
dev -> prototype VUE component for Stripe Elements (receive Stripe tokens successfully) #abcgamers
review issues with html emails #abcgamers
check Octobat and Quaderno dev docs for Stripe integration (and VAT compliance) #abcgamers
dev -> 'verify email address' logic, tokens, and mails (backend) #abcgamers
dev -> 'verify email address' components (front end) #abcgamers
dev -> finalize Forgot Password / Reset Password functionality including tokens validation, emails etc #abcgamers
dev -> 'reset password' components (front end) #abcgamers
tech call with MP re security #abcgamers
dev -> 'forgot password' logic, tokens, and mails (backend) #abcgamers
dev -> 'forgot password' components (front end) #abcgamers
tech call with MP re certs, api calls etc #abcgamers
dev -> send confirmation email to users when they change their email address #abcgamers
dev -> create first email template with PUG including html headers & footers and css styling #abcgamers
dev -> set up & configure 'emails-template' for nodemailer #abcgamers
tech call with MP re #abcgamers
dev -> set up & test NodeMailer on #abcgamers
review Mods for Ark availability on Steam #abcgamers
tech catch up call with MP regarding Mods for Ark #abcgamers
dev - 'restore backup' functionality for game servers #abcgamers
dev - 'delete backup' functionality for game servers #abcgamers
dev - refactor server status calls to consider new API calls timings on Provisional Servers #abcgamers
dev - refactor backup listing to include new data returned in JSON from Provisioning Servers #abcgamers
fix showing non-styled elements on web refresh (vuetify / webpack) #abcgamers
dev - refactor prov server api calls to include changed error status codes >_< #abcgamers
investigate styling refreshing issue 1/? #abcgamers
dev - implement 'restart' functionality for game servers #abcgamers
dev - logic for new game and query ports selection for game servers #abcgamers
dev -> list backups for game server #abcgamers
make backup working in user dashbaord so the game servers are backed up #abcgamers
make server backups component in user dashboard #abcgamers
make scripts for automated deploying of updated client and server code to test servers #abcgamers
update vuetify and check/fix affected elements #abcgamers
Nav Drawer to show relevant menu items depending on dashboard section #abcgamers
make backend running on the test server #abcgamers
install web server and make client side running on the test server #abcgamers
secure the test server on linode #abcgamers
rebuild the test server on linode #abcgamers
install new test server on Linode #abcgamers
add game server ip & port to game server card on user dashboard #abcgamers
add updating number of free slots instances in Provisioning Servers for adding / removing new game instances #abcgamers
API - move start/stop/enable/disable calls for game servers from test to multi provisioning servers logic #abcgamers
API - move delete call from test to multi provisioning servers logic #abcgamers
API update call -> change Plan for the game servers #abcgamers
API update call -> change name of game servers #abcgamers
update info on installed instances of game servers in relevant provisioning servers db #abcgamers
create logic for choosing free ports for game instances on provisioning servers #abcgamers
fix vuejs errors with navigation drawer #abcgamers
rewiew bubbling up errors #abcgamers
fix alert snackbar popping up with the last error on page refresh #abcgamers
meet with MP re strategy & plan for #abcgamers
FIX: error showing in server stats if there is not enough free slots on provisioning servers #abcgamers
make new alerts for other sub-components #abcgamers
refactor Alerts Snackbar to show info and success messages #abcgamers
review Vuex parts of code and use mapState & mapAction helpers where needed #abcgamers
display errors in better way to the user (for example using snackbar) #abcgamers
create a temp landing page for #abcgamers