Test different flows for signup then connect google account vs. sign up with google from the start #anyopening
wire frame out how multiple calendars can sync to 1 scheduling page #anyopening
Google calendar sync still giving problems. Lot of data to go through to make this work as intended #anyopening
Allow users to toggle which calendars are synced #anyopening
Basic features ready. Styling update for confirmation page with custom fields. Start oauth update #anyopening
wire frame custom fields.for confirmation page #anyopening
talk with potential first client about what they need the platform to do #anyopening
Hero copy research. Home marketing site layout research as wlel #anyopening
Keep trying to figure out how exactly Google sends recurring events from their API and how I can read those into the site #anyopening
Update Google developer account. Start working on integration #anyopening
small Teams update before heading out for the day #anyopening
Start working on Teams since First Client will need that on day 1 #anyopening
cut out more features & prepare for first customer #anyopening
Figure out how to handle custom fields for Pro users #anyopening
pretty much rewrite entire db setup now that I understand how things tie together #anyopening
finish up new booking flow. #anyopening
Wireframe Booking Confirmation page & start building it #anyopening
Update social meta tags & other SEO updates #anyopening
Add canonical links to every page #anyopening
Add duration, location, active, secret, instructions, and hour format to openings #anyopening
fork and fix broken rubygem so it works with Rails 5.2 #anyopening
show greeting message. Booking users name. And overall style update to booking page. #anyopening
Set up GSuite and first company email #anyopening
Move to cloudflare. Set up new page rules to handle non-www requests #anyopening
users can set a greeting message and an account time zone #anyopening
start actually building new homepage, link sending section #anyopening
Draw out update for new homepage to show off capabilities #anyopening
Rename tables to make the process easier to follow. Create difference between meetings and availability exceptions #anyopening
work on Google SSO for new and existing users #anyopening
continue working on cost calculator and annual/monthly pricing page #anyopening
work on calculator to show monthly/weekly value #anyopening
small copy updates before Easter celebration with the family #anyopening
continue taking out some half baked features so I can launch MVP #anyopening
Trim our some planned features for MVP. Simplify. #anyopening
create a few alternatives for the powered by message #anyopening
Still building out User's booking page. Add Powered by AnyOpening bar #anyopening
User's booking page, continue layout update #anyopening
Write out logic of how a user’s availability and booking will work on a database level #anyopening
Fix public layouts that were broken with recent dashboard update #anyopening
Create FeatureRequest pages for Teams & Appointments #anyopening
charge Mac after it died during blackout yesterday #anyopening
Move user Info to multiple pages so it's not overwhelming #anyopening
Figure out how google calendar integrationn *might* work #anyopening
Update google auth to pull in all connected calendars #anyopening
Figure out logic of calendar exceptions #anyopening
Get back into the swing of things. Start listing out all competitor features. Decide which x-factor will be ready at launch #anyopening
Begin sign up process and logged in wireframes #anyopening
Show available openings when switchign dates #anyopening
List possible MSP features, begin cutting list down #anyopening
Update weekly calendar view and logic for which date is selected #anyopening
Begin working on a Weekly calendar view and displaying availability #anyopening
Update Google Calendar Auth to pull in User's calendars & their events #anyopening
Continue working on landing redesign #anyopening