produced + published episode 3 of #stolenvoice IGTV on tongue twisters
took longer than planned but finally done, my first #stolenvoice IGTV video episode about the most important voiceover advice - hydration
wrote and recorded stolenvoice tv ep. 6 - first time according to an SOP (standard operating procedure) written in Asana - editing and publishing does follow #stolenvoice
finished editing and post-processing part 3 of the London voiceover conference 2018 footage - took longer than expected because I got picky / "perfectionistic" by adding more sound effects and smoother and more intentional transitions - it became a little film again 😉 - now exporting the file and uploading after - also got a little distracted from the editing work because I heard the Zoom H5 picking up the Canon G16 focus motor sound quite a lot - the Zoom was attached to the shoe mount of the camera with no audio absorber, that's why. So during the editing time I improved my vlogging setup by attaching both the camera and the mic seperately to the grip and tripod. Should work better. #stolenvoice
another revision of the studiolist script recording for my commercial demo reel #stolenvoice
watched explainer on how to use Adobe Audition as a voiceover #stolenvoice
another iteration for the recording of script 1/7 of my commercial demo reel, awaiting the feedback on the artistic performance level and the technical audio quality - making little progress while having fun in the studio imitating monkey because heck the script is about jungle and rainforest *haha* #stolenvoice
wrote my in-house-community accountability Thursday truth post on my I got done in my vo biz in the last 7 days #stolenvoice
after weeks of thinking I subscribed to Adobe’s Creative Suite so I have access to Audition, Premiere Pro, After Effects and Illustrator. Expecting that this is a good business investment for #stolenvoice with ROI in terms of the creations I’ll do which are voiceover recordings and voiced video animations (AVV)
installed and tried Audacity in my recording studio to make progress with my commercial demo reel (recorded studiolist script and compressed and normalized it, send it out to review the performance and quality) #stolenvoice
wrote how I chose my voiceover software for recording and editing my voice - draft for #stolenvoice blog
just some orga - new file/folder setup for recordings and sync with recording computer with main documentation computer #stolenvoice
attended voiceover mentoring especially with regard to auditioning #stolenvoice
had a lovely webinar round table with other VOs sharing their journey so far - very nice! #stolenvoice
fixed non-resized images on #stolenvoice
watched more of the client work essentials training: how to get paid on time and doing the work #stolenvoice
It’s not all roses and sunshine, this ep. 5 was the hardest episode to produce, post-produce and publish #stolenvoice -
finished editing 18 minutes of final material for #stolenvoice tv episode 5 (and 6 minutes of outtakes) - the result of 3 weeks not catching up (never again)
recorded #stolenvoice episode 5 - so weird and bad after 3 weeks of no recording
learned about / revisited different pricing methods (hourly, flatrate, value-based) when doing client work #stolenvoice
finished client work essentials training module 2 #stolenvoice
re-iterated on my recording studio by adding more foam overall - didn't take as long as I thought it would. The recordings sound good. I'm not hearing a space echo anymore. Only my performance is a bit weak due to allergy. Will give it a meal break and continue later to see whether I can push to a more healthy voice #stolenvoice
learned about communicating effectively: communicating is sending and receiving, not broadcasting. You ask for confirmation on what you said or wrote and confirm on what you read and heard. If you hear your words out of the other person's mouth you ensured communication has happened. Practice communication: Write, speak, listen (!) and repeat back. RASA (Receive, appreciate, summarize, ask) #stolenvoice
rehearse-recorded the Studio List script and realized that my new recording setup has too much room echo. So, gotta have to work on reducing the noise before I can make proper recordings for the reel. Also abandoned Reaper as my DAW/recording software (it’s just a PITA to use it for me) and choose PreSonus Studio One Prime instead #stolenvoice
defined two expected outcomes for my vo biz in 2018 and an action list for both outcomes #stolenvoice
wrote conclusion and action steps for #stolenvoice tv episode 5 - this episode will be jam-packed!
wrote draft for next #stolenvoice tv episode 5
finished editing part 2 (day 2 out of 4) at my time at the One Voice voiceover conference in London (almost a month ago - what?!) - now uploading to Vimeo #stolenvoice
practiced first script of my commercial demo reel but eventually stopped. Due to my pollen allergy my voice was too „nosy“ and I wasn’t able to change that. That’s an issue because I haven’t found a solution to it yet - without taking medicine. #stolenvoice
Thursday confession what I got done in my voiceover biz #stolenvoice
refined and finalized the last 4 commercial scripts. Finally I brought this to an end. According to my process rehearing is what’ll follow tomorrow (and audio recording them after). Wish me success! #stolenvoice
finally published episode 4 of #stolenvoice tv
new episode 4 of #stolenvoice tv is published on Vimeo - blog post following later today
finished editing part 1 (day 1 out of 4) of my time at the London voiceover conference #stolenvoice
pre-final-edited the first 5 minutes out of approx. 60 minutes of video footage of day 1 london voiceover conference #stolenvoice
digitally connected with people I met at the voiceover conference #stolenvoice
began editing the video+audio of the last 4 days at the voiceover conference in London #stolenvoice
attended the OneVoice voiceover conference in the last 4 days #stolenvoice
recorded and published next #stolenvoice tv episode about going straightforward and making baby progress
began a singing course (did the first 8 modules) to discover my voice even more #stolenvoice
edited a part of a novella which I'll be voicing as a pro-bono assignment and gave feedback #stolenvoice
continued polishing the scripts of my commercial demo reel (iA Writer and Hemingway Editor helped today) #stolenvoice
published next vlog episode (stolenvoice tv ep. 2) on the topic of "focus and the discipline to stick to it" #stolenvoice
finished new #stolenvoice blog on "Best time is now, trust the process" and some design changes
Made an important decision: Making money through product work via #studiolist does take longer and teaching via #freewritecamp is not a money-making "machine" anyway. So, my current focus is on revenue 💰💰💰 via #stolenvoice client work and (inbound) marketing of my client voiceover services because through client work I can make immediate money and money is important for my business survival. When survial time will be "mastered" I can shift focus on playing with other channels of revenue - Klitschko's tweet ( ) reminded of focus as the key ingredient for long-term success. So be it. Also learned that when the topic is survival I'm pretty good at it, as learned in Cuba.
wrote more scripts (studio hub, studio list, el cubano aleman, carma cruise, free write camp, porzov, bardbright) #stolenvoice
wrote script no. 1 of my commercial demo reel (a fictitious company called Caloa) #stolenvoice
produced and published the first #stolenvoice tv episode - blog post will follow
worked on a re-voice for a video, transcribed the text and added new background music. Final edit later #stolenvoice
found a place to do voiceover pro-bono work: - it's not exactly for charities or non-profits but for the public domain #stolenvoice
reviewed the last 7 days in my voiceover biz and shared it #stolenvoice
watched the webinar on remote recording with Robert Marshall from Source Elements (the company that makes Source Connect) #stolenvoice
performed three version of Baby Bubble Bath commercial script (calm-warm, playful with laughter, low-pitch-slow) #stolenvoice
read from page 1 to 8 of „The Daily Stoic“ (German translation) #stolenvoice
read from page 39 to 46 of „The Thank You Economy" #stolenvoice
watched webinar with Scottish actor Lewis Macleod on character acting for voiceovers (super cool and funny guy!) #stolenvoice
practiced Baby Bubble Bath commercial script again with intentionally lower pitch so it fits better my optimal pitch („resonance frequence“). Will experiment a bit more on the script the next days. #stolenvoice
read from page 26 to 39 of „The Thank You Economy" #stolenvoice
finished the Character Acting for Voiceovers course (module 12 to 23 in five hours) #stolenvoice
practiced Baby Bubble Bath commercial script (very, almost childish style) but again experienced had mouth click issues. A good thing that happened: I discovered a style that puts more emphasis on each word like „soft“, „warm“, „snuggly“ saying it like I’m feeling it. Not a breakthrough but a step forward. #stolenvoice
read from page 14 to 26 of „The Thank You Economy" #stolenvoice
filled my first whiteboard with the structure of video show I'm having in mind #stolenvoice
practiced Baby Bubble Bath commercial script (happy, bit playful style) but experienced (like yesterday) that at a high volume gain I had super audible mouth clicks in the recording (a sign of dehydration) which means in consequence that the recordings of today and yesterday I wouldn’t be able to use. #stolenvoice
read from page 5 to 14 of „The Thank You Economy" #stolenvoice
perfected the performance of "All the Towers" theme park script (already on 16.03.2018 but logging it today to have it documented) - yes, I can always improve but for now, this is something I could show. So, I leave it as is. #stolenvoice
broke down my goal/outcome 1 into actionable steps, actions to do and resources to check. #stolenvoice
practiced Baby Bubble Bath commercial script (warm, caring style) #stolenvoice
practiced my narration voice when reading out loud the preface and part 1 of "The Thank You Economy" - 7 pages #stolenvoice
wrote my Thursday confession / 7-days review of what I got done in terms of VO biz and art, submitted my new VO performances to get pro feedback and some interaction with another VO student #stolenvoice
had another #mictime session with some progress but still wasn't happy with the performance (it's a tricky one because I try to combine a calm, conversational tone with a mix of fear and joy). So that's work in progress 😉 #stolenvoice
Another #mictime session this time doing the super scared person on the rollercoaster #stolenvoice
attended a 2-hour event on value-based pricing, will implement it for future client work at #stolenvoice
crafted the new recording environment with new (awesome!!!) gear: Sennheiser MKH 416, Pop audio pop filter, Shock mount by Rycote holding the mic (whereas the shock mount is attached to a Manfrotto tripod) and Focusrite 2i2 mixer. Best recording quality I ever had. Now, only my delivery can suck or better don't 😛 - oh happy day ^^ #stolenvoice
after a day off because feeling sick-ish and slight ear-pain I had an extended session today (but focussing only on style of delivery to perfect it) with a new recording setup: Sennheiser MKH 416, Pop audio pop filter, Shock mount by Rycote and Focusrite 2i2 mixer - is another level. Also I gave my recording environment a bit more room while still treating it with acoustic foam. #mictime #stolenvoice
learned about Shakespeare's and Michael Caine's advices to actors and learned how to interpret them #stolenvoice
recorded, selected and submitted 5 of my currently best recordings for one script get pro feedback #stolenvoice
confession time: wrote my 7-day revision of what I got done in terms of VO biz and VO art #stolenvoice
practiced the commercial script ("All The Towers" theme park) and liked some aspects of my performance, but not everything, especially that clipping occured. Can't wait for my new mic + mixer to arrive so I can regulate the gain level better. #mictime #stolenvoice
long training session today in a new setup with better acoustic treatment (way better sound quality) - will try to improve it step by step #stolenvoice
today's mic time was only 10 minutes long because I practice late and shouting in the mic at night in a non-acoustically treated room is not a good idea if I want my neighbors to be friendly to me 😉 - so I used the rest of the time doing the course on character acting and I learned about the 7 keys to characterization #stolenvoice
started the course on character acting for voiceover: learned about method/naturalistic acting (Stanislavski), expressive action; brief history of acting/drama (starting with Greeks); when to choose which method of acting; the 10 questions to ask as an actor #stolenvoice
bought flights and hostel for the One Voice Conference in London #stolenvoice
bought my new audio gear #stolenvoice
attended the Live Mentoring session with Hugh and Peter live from Atlanta #stolenvoice
finished the How to Compress Vocal Recordings course #stolenvoice
finished the Advanced Voiceover to Pro Standard course #stolenvoice
voiced some German words for @nathanielchen1's #backpacklanguage #stolenvoice
finished the advanced VO course (doing post-production, working with directors, client-work remotely, physical and vocal health) #stolenvoice
learned a bit more on mic selection and created my preliminary shopping list for home-studio recording gear - takes soo much time (cos me = relatively bad decision maker) - will purchase in a few days and try it all out - AND: learned a few tricks on how to record on the road traveling - SUPER EXCITING and if it works it would be a bit of DREAM COME TRUE :) #stolenvoice
built (improvised) my 1st home-recording studio: it's the classic wardrobe that I find the best solution for now. Audio test still to be done #stolenvoice
learned about more advanced humanisation techniques (non-scripted humane sounds), breathing techniques (e.g. staccato breathe) and de-breathing methods, handling commercial copy, the challenges when self-directing and self-analysis, controlling the mic (e.g. bass proximity effect) #stolenvoice
(on Thursday 22) finished the "Home Studio" Drip emails, made it until "Module 11 – Delivery Speed – Fast" of the "Advanced Voiceover to Pro Standard" course, watched "British Voice Artists: Making it in America" webinar and wrote my weekly confession in terms of what I got done in the last 7 days #stolenvoice
got an overview of the postproduction process (bit of a repition like - EQ - Compression - Normalisation - De-Essing - Limiting - Insert Effects - Send & Return Effects but that's ok); started the advanced voiceover course to get from my intermediate level to a pro level which included today: to warm up nicely and full-body, going to extremes (ultra low pitch, ultra high pitch, mixture of both and going over the top with a caricature performance) - my voice felt like the strings of a guitar today when I practiced #stolenvoice
learned (as an overview) how to use Reaper and Pro Tools as voiceover artist. Also learned: how to interpret briefs and casting instructions, editing my submission to a casting, how to get on casting lists, doing alternate takes, what it means to go over the top (OTT), the different types of agents and what rates/fee should be charged #stolenvoice
(was Friday, Feb 16) finished course "How to voice commercial", read the article related to that, continued the drip on setting up a home-recording studio and watched the webinar on "How to Record Yourself as a Voice Artist" #stolenvoice
continued the commercial VO course and learned the art of speed-reading, how important getting physical is, how to understand the copy and visualize the audience, and learned a thing or two on timing, rhythm, attitude, prosody and projection (it's a trapp :P). I also practice that commercial script on theme park rollercoaster more and submitted a version to let it be reviewed and critiqued professionally #stolenvoice
started with how to voice commercials course and practiced that one script I’ve been dealing with for some time now (I’m still not satisfied especially with the my timing of the screams and some pronunciation) - wanting to improve but I know it’s a process that takes time #stolenvoice
spent a full work day finishing the course on my home-recording studio setup, starting the drip on the home studio, started and completed the course on improving my casting chances, and practiced the one commercial radio script that I want to home-run to perfection #stolenvoice
continued voiceover course (cabling, audio interfaces, hardware, recordings software) #stolenvoice
learned about the casting process and getting work as a VO, the preferance for custom demos or custom clips for the casting, and that success as a VO means to practice a lot (!) and learn tons. Did a light refreshment of a sound theory: e.g. difference of dynamic mics and condenser mics, sample rate, bit rate #stolenvoice
attended webinar on marketing mistakes to be aware of as a (voiceover) business owner #stolenvoice
raced through 40 pages of a branding guide today to start my voiceover business on the right foot. #stolenvoice
sketched the „unlock“ page of #stolenvoice
learned/refreshed my knowledge on setting up my home-recording studio, choosing the rigth mic (also for travel) and picking the right software. Current choice: Sennheiser MK4 (home mic) and MKH 416 (travel mic). In terms of software: Reaper or Studio One #stolenvoice
attended webinar on voicing animations with Dave Peacock #stolenvoice
asked for references of British and US voiceover so I have a reference on what to aim for with my VO deliveries #stolenvoice
continued learning on Self-Direction for Voiceover Artists #stolenvoice
learned about other reels (corporate, "voice of gods", audio book"), began a webinar on self-directing my recordings as part of the vo beginners drip, learnned bits and pieces on mixing, playtesting and targeting my reels #stolenvoice
attended a mentoring session on voiceover - helpful for my next biz steps and goal-setting #stolenvoice
learned how caricature/animation/kids demo reels are made and what role an accent does play #stolenvoice
learned how to make a commercial and dramatic demo reel (each under 2 minutes) #stolenvoice
another voiceover practice session (tomorrow I'll dive into more theoretic work again to improve my practicing practice) #stolenvoice
practiced commercial TV and radio scripts #stolenvoice
Shitty 1h recording session. Spent 40 minutes only configuring again PreSonus Studio One (the solution was easy in the end) and had only 20 minutes for the scripts itself which is when I didn't feel like voicing anymore and felt how tired I was as well. Calling it a day. #stolenvoice
had first day of practicing voiceover daily - voice was a bit „in a bucket“ (in German it makes sense to say it ^^) #stolenvoice
worked on my improvised home-recording setup, practiced more commercial scripts #stolenvoice
practiced 3 English commercial (TV) scripts #stolenvoice
made it clearer that Stolen Voice is a brand and service by - goal is to point as many public websites back to #stolenvoice
wrote a new contact to add to my network of writers, artists and (voice) actors #stolenvoice
recorded 10 scripts (commercial, character, corporate, narration) for practing purpose and feedback #stolenvoice
transcribed 10 German scripts (commercials, sync/film, animation, presentation, promotion) to practice them #stolenvoice
administrative stuff for voiceover service (email/domain setup, landing page) #stolenvoice