visual sketch for landing page #studiolist
added 10 more recording studios in Berlin and called some to see whether they’re still offering their service #studiolist
some sketching and thinking on the ui of #studiolist, nothing substantial yet, will sleep over it
added 12 new recording studios in Berlin to #studiolist
baby steps with php (reading and writing from/to plain text files) #studiolist
added +11 new recording studios in Berlin - spreadsheet is open for everyone who wants to help me add more studios ( - help appreciated πŸ™‚ #studiolist
a colleague made me aware that I have competition for #studiolist ( - finally a serious competitor! YES!
for #studiolist tried out #sheet2site by @AndreyAzimov and added the first 5 recording studios to the Google Spreadsheet - tedious work but good to know what time it would take to list all (!) recording studios worldwide - well at least the very best(-rated)!
Today was the first day out of 28 days for working on #studiolist. Except for that I didn't accomplish anything. Tomorrow on day 2 I want to do better.