Best Recording Studios for Digital Voiceover Nomads
make a plan about my weekly commitments (Mon-Fri) - result: I’m committing to 48 hours on a weekly basis - 12h for a client of #copywritingdelivery, 12h for building #naii assets, 12h for my theater group and music #iian, and 12h for #studiolist. Sat-Sun are off (free from obligations)
feel overwhelmed, frustrated, go back and forth in my head, overthink, but then get my act together and continue building #studiolist
commit to build #studiolist by hand - no framework like Fat Free, no - way too expensive - SaaS service like Sharetribe (120 dollars if you want a custom domain *the fuck*)
reached out to St. Petersburg, Florida recording studios via email / FB message / website contact form (all others I will call when in St. Pete this Saturday) #studiolist
Neuen sog. Telegram-Kanal erstellt, der hier zu finden ist - - und einen privaten Gruppenchat, der an den Kanal gebunden ist. #studiolist
Created a Telegram channel to be found here - - and a private group chat attached to the channel #studiolist
add voiceover recording studio in Bath, UK - now it's 89 verified studios *yeah* #studiolist
add to footer my very personal reason why I'm creating #studiolist
contact all previous interested people (studio owners, beta testers, voiceover artists) #studiolist
add volunteering option to become a beta tester, ambassador, event organizer or an affiliate partner #studiolist
add all 26 UK studios (London, Oxford, Sheffield, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol, Cardiff) #studiolist
bolder and more targeted name "Best Recording Studios for Digital Voiceover Nomads" (instead of "Voiceover studios for Actors, Audiobook Narrators, YouTubers and Podcasters") #studiolist