added Moroccan studios who agreed to be listed here, some amendments on the frontpage copytext #studiolist
connected to another studio in Casablanca (Studio Plug-in) and had a very friendly conversation with Thomas, creative director at the studio πŸ™‚ #studiolist
Connected to one of the big Moroccan players in the recording studio sphere, here in Casablanca, Morocco. Proud-happy again! #studiolist
call all recording studios I could in Casablanca and arrange meetings with those I could reach #studiolist
user registration System (early version with basic functionality) #studiolist
meeting with founder of The Spot, a coworking space in Marrakech to be listed free of charge on #studiolist
make contact information (email, phone) to recording studio available only after registration to avoid that studios get spammed #studiolist
make current homepage the /about page and only leave the studio listing on the homepage (cleaner) #studiolist
Got rid of all pulbic email address appearances on the #studiolist website
I also decided to give #studiolist another shot for 4 months - starting Feb 1, 2019 (until May 31)
yesterday I declared a pause of #studiolist and today I coded for hours (HTML, CSS, PHP) to launch a simple version of Studio List. Intentionally, I left out graphical design elements because when I worked on them in the past I never actually shipped something. So, I’m staring with a plain-text version I like how fast it loads and pure it looks. β€” and the launch date today is also when I reached the 100 % streak here at WIP *yippie :)
now focus is on #stolenvoice, so I'm giving #studiolist a temporary break
color fine-tuning on the landing page and review icon created #studiolist
changed to another color scheme and added more content to the #studiolist landing page
continued working on the landing page: found a good photo and created the bare bone HTML structure of the page #studiolist
successfully resisted the urge to invest 5K dollars to own a .com domain #studiolist
sketched landing page of #studiolist
decided to not proceed purchasing the .com domain but instead I bought the 2nd-best option (the .co domain). I also had bought the .io domain before since I'm not sure whether .co or .io is the better choice. I decided against the .com because the person currenlty owning the .com responded to my buying offer of US$ 199 "I'm afraid $199 is very far short of the sum that would persuade me to release this domain name." With no revenue coming fromt he site I. don't wanna make an investment into a domain higher than 199 USD. #studiolist
first time I started using a domain agent to acquire a domain. Let's see how that works and works out eventually. - and bought domain with another TLD (.io) just in case the .com doesn't work #studiolist
built the first html draft of #studiolist including: home page, sub-page for studios in Berlin, embedded OpenStreetMap using and the authentication token from; and added the first two studios to the map with a popup and link to their contact page. Good progress! I could publish this version already but I want to add more studios first so it's looks more populated when live.
visual sketch for landing page #studiolist
added 10 more recording studios in Berlin and called some to see whether they’re still offering their service #studiolist
some sketching and thinking on the ui of #studiolist, nothing substantial yet, will sleep over it
added 12 new recording studios in Berlin to #studiolist
baby steps with php (reading and writing from/to plain text files) #studiolist
added +11 new recording studios in Berlin - spreadsheet is open for everyone who wants to help me add more studios ( - help appreciated πŸ™‚ #studiolist
a colleague made me aware that I have competition for #studiolist ( - finally a serious competitor! YES!
Today was the first day out of 28 days for working on #studiolist. Except for that I didn't accomplish anything. Tomorrow on day 2 I want to do better.