I also decided to give #studiolist another shot for 4 months - starting Feb 1, 2019 (until May 31)
yesterday I declared a pause of #studiolist and today I coded for hours (HTML, CSS, PHP) to launch a simple version of Studio List. Intentionally, I left out graphical design elements because when I worked on them in the past I never actually shipped something. So, I’m staring with a plain-text version I like how fast it loads and pure it looks. — and the launch date today is also when I reached the 100 % streak here at WIP *yippie :)
now focus is on #stolenvoice, so I'm giving #studiolist a temporary break
color fine-tuning on the landing page and review icon created #studiolist
changed to another color scheme and added more content to the #studiolist landing page
continued working on the landing page: found a good photo and created the bare bone HTML structure of the page #studiolist
successfully resisted the urge to invest 5K dollars to own a .com domain #studiolist
sketched landing page of #studiolist