Cheddar is a Task list that is just text.
fix a bug when configure task Cells in CheddarKit for #cheddar.
fixed the bug with multiline titles and text for tasks. It now works awesome. #cheddar .
worked on multi line titles and text for tasks and lists in #cheddar for iOS.
Added these super bubbly and awesome Checkboxes to the TaskCells in CheddarKit for #cheddar.
Getting Tasks for a list now works in CheddarKit for #cheddar.
Started work on Tasks and Entities for #cheddar in CheddarKit.
fixed the reorder function in cheddarkit for #cheddar.
finish the reorder method for the CheddarKit ask for #cheddar.
Reordering cells works for the CheddarKit's Blue sample UI for Lists. #cheddar
Finished the new list cheddarkit sdk method for #cheddar.
lots of work on CheddarKit for #cheddar. finished more endpoints and UI Work for the sample app.
#cheddar implement the update list method in CheddarKit.