Cheddar is a Task list that is just text.
Finished a ton of design work for #cheddar
CheddarKit now makes tasks too. #cheddar
reorder tasks in a list in CheddarKit for #cheddar.
move task in CheddarKit for #cheddar now works.
Started work on an open source #cheddar backend.
you can now reorder tasks in CheddarKit for #cheddar.
Actually Linked the Index entry of User/Invitations in the docs to the actual entry on the page. for #cheddar.
Confirmed that create(task) works in CheddarKit for #cheddar.
improved an API documentation entry for updatings tasks in #cheddar.
Verified that We can indeed archive an individual task in CheddarKit using update(task) for #cheddar.
Modify the update(task) method in CheddarKit for#cheddar to allow completing a task.
Confirmed that the update(task) method works in CheddarKit for #cheddar.
Confirmed that Get Task works in CheddarKit for #cheddar.
Mocked up but did not test all of the Task Methods for CheddarKit in #cheddar.