server administration and re-organizational stuff on the server and some bugfixing #naii
reproduced the first 2 out 16 emails as a drip for my Illuminate problem-solving storytelling series (this time automated and no longer manual like back in 2013 *haha*) #naii
set up, tidied, re-organized some of my email list in mailchimp - I had forgotten I have them (around 70 people) - will try to re-bond with those people #naii
switched sign-up form from sendinblue to mailchimp for my africahowareyou project and styled it old-school #naii
published "The incredible story of Katinka" - a never-ending story updated daily #naii
started using TunnelBear VPN on macOS and iOS (so well-designed the app) #naii
all 3 other domains now armed with https #naii
made first steps securing the newly migrated domains - not done yet cos of mail server and certificate issues #naii
turned all http-links on to https #naii
compare prices of mailchimp and sendinblue #naii
with assistance from namecheap support (chat) did the transfer of domain - done within 20 minutes *great* #naii
as every Sunday updated my personal now page (04 February 2018) #naii
wrote and published "Hosted on Uberspace: How I moved to another server for my blog but kept the database and blog’s URL" - A personal reminder how I made my first β€žsoftβ€œ migration of a WordPress installation. #naii
due to Meltdown/Spectre did back up a 10 GB big part of my web space incl. wordpress-based websites (, and a piwik/matomo installation + migration to a new server - kept me busy for around 5 hours *puh* #naii
now πŸ”’secured my main websites with https thanks to @letsencrypt and @ubernauten's wiki explaining (in German) the setup process: Took me 1.75h (cos I had some difficulties) incl. setting my first cronjob. New tech territory *yay* πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» #naii
boring financial/orga stuff #naii
set up Matomo (Piwik) for analytics to avoid using Google Analytics #naii
send my first five-figure invoice to a client (hands are shaking) #surreal #naii
setup dns (namecheap) and uberspace for #memakevoice #naii + static site (dark & orange color scheme) - waiting for dns to update to have website online
set up sign-up form using (to try out a service that is less mainstream than MailChimp and cheaper + fairer than ConvertKit) so that people interested in my 12-months African adventure can be notified via email #naii
wrote and published my blog "Challenge: Making 5K in 7 months with my new business" #5kchallenge #naii
finally edited and published my blog "Traveling Africa while launching 12 startups in 1 year" #africahowareyou #naii
Added date difference function (php) #naii
Wrote and published "I failed 15+ times in business and life (yet no reason to be depressed)" #naii
wrote and published "Taking myself serious is when I started to take life serious (learned the painful way)" - From a wobbly jelly life to a straight rocket life" #naii
Continuing my approach of designing my year (to be/feel in control of it) I added the design for 2017 #naii
updated #naii page with my sanity overview (product and book I'm working, and my ideal ~24h daily ritual)
published "One month ago I stopped brain-dumping in the morning, and I’m feeling horrible" on #naii and added a terminal condition for when to end my 12-projects experiments and what to do if all 12 fail