fantastic call with my oldest friend - although it's his birthday I'm feeling so grateful that he spent 2.5 hours catching up #social
hosted the Turkish/Kurdish β€žBatman and Robinβ€œ via Couchsurfing πŸ˜‰ #social
wrote another #social media short piece "Pressure"
wrote the short piece "Ascend to higher highs, not necessarily religiously speaking" for today's ascension day #social media
finished a weird day with some invests in tech/gear (Canon 6D Mark II et. al), some hours of day job and setup of my new phone (iPhone X). Not productive in classic sense but it was necessary to have a day like. Now, time for breakfast (as the last meal of the day today ^^ - my bio rhyhtm being slightly fucked up) "#social"
replaced old battery with new battery in my iPhone 5 and now the display / touch functionality is not working anymore - must have done something wrong. Not good timing because I wanted to use the phone for the conference I'll be a this week but let's see how it is with no phone. "#social"
orga day (doctor's appointment, camera research and some camera-related purchases) "#social"
booked flight of my research trip to Magascar (September 2018) "#social"
another very orga-centric day with close to no work. At least my MBP is back and I can continue working as usual tomorrow then. #social
spent the afternoon, evening and night setting up my 2nd computer (MacBook Air) so I can work with it. MacBook Pro is going to be repaired. "#social"
extended #social time yesterday - good time catching up with a colleague/contact.
succesfully spent the last 7 days in my small-scale sabbatical, next sabbatical after 6 productive weeks #social
good catch up with a Mexican friend - in Spanglish *haha* πŸ˜› #social
watched quite a lot of videos on the Canon 6D Mark II and watched parts of the Paris St. German vs Real kick #social (kind of)
super great talk on the phone with an old (primary school) friend #social
surprise-visited my grandma, grandpa, uncle and his wife - you never long when it'll be the last time - was super worth to pay the price of a full-working day #social
ordered food and drinks for sunday super bowl with bro and friends #social