#contracting Add suitable caching headers to response.
#contracting Survive all-day meeting
#contracting Ask server guy if he needs any help with cache issue or if it's fixed already
#contracting Set time zone to UTC in code because otherwise wp-cron gets all wonky
#contracting Reduce size of calendar section for show pages
#contracting Add a new category to their front page and tell them how to do it themselves because while money is nice I have other things to ship.
#contracting Fix text in feedback form and make it editable for client so I don't have to do it again
#contracting Get referred another $BIGCO lead by my dad of all people
#contracting - Become designated senior developer
#contracting Increase max_upload_size because client needs to upload some bigger files
#contracting Tell recruiter that if he has any freelance opportunities he can reach out in July 2019, because hey, why not.
#contracting Respond to recruiter regarding Senior React Dev post. Say that I'm currently neither interested in fixed employment nor moving to Vienna but that I would be happy to do consulting. 🤷‍♂️
#contracting Send offer I promised yesterday to client
#contracting Call with yet another client™ regarding changes to their website and how much it'll cost. Agree on an evening filling programme for a day or two
#contracting Respond to existing client regarding newly developed project, promise definitive proposal/rejection for tomorrow due to outstanding call later today.
#contracting Respond to Twitter lead, offer 5-10h/wk in February
#contracting Change industry of company registration from generic "advertising agency" to "IT service provider" because it saves money
#contracting Get k8s to talk to me in my browser
#contracting Schedule call with client on Monday
#contracting Schedule home office days for January
#contracting Re-schedule Q1 appointment with accountant
4 code reviews for senior dev colleague #contracting
Send all documents to accountant #contracting
Send monthly bill to Wirecard #contracting
#contracting FInalize accounting for 2018
#contracting Update invoices so they can make use of the reverse charge system.
Migrate all existing client pages to PHP 7.3 #contracting
Upgrade all my PHP to 7.3 #contracting
Finish client work for 2018 #contracting
Pre-pay calculated tax amount for end of year. #contracting
Copy content from Austrian platform to German platform so they have a starting point for their content #contracting
Send new hourly rate offer to BigCo. #contracting
Fix Facebook login for client website that stopped working for whatever reason #contracting
Make Vimeo video autoplay in Chrome/Safari again #contracting
Fix background video not playing in Chrome/Safari #contracting
Triage client work for tomorrow #contracting
Gather further testimonials from clients #contracting
Write guide on how to use platform and send to applicable client #contracting
Copy existing platform for German client #contracting
Contract negotiation with Wirecard #contracting
Fix the client problem with 7,756 queries being sent for every single request #contracting
Investigate why start page of client website is suddenly sending 7000+ SQL queries for a single request #contracting
#contracting Send out project for first feedback round
Send client a detailed documentation on how to use their new platform and tell them to ask partner at same company in case they need more help #contracting
Send files to accountant #contracting
#contracting Send email to client to please try out the thing I made and send me feedback so I can make it gooder.
#contracting Finalize multilang capabilities
#contracting add language switcher menu
Start designing new portfolio page #contracting
#contracting Close unplanned follow-up deal with subsidaries of existing client
#contracting Get offer for permanent position at Wirecard
#contracting Set appointment date for discussing my future at Wirecard.
#contracting Convince Wirecard to let me work from home for one day.
#contracting Secure contract to extend marketing platform I built to German and Swiss subsidaries of company.
#contracting Initiate discussion regarding the future of my contract with Wirecard.
Accounting for July/August #contracting
#contracting Get the last of my clients back up after hacking incident.
#contracting Receive first client testimonial
#contracting Ask existing clients for short testimonials for website redesign
#contracting Send monthly bill to Wirecard
Send April/May/June stuff to accountant #contracting
Receive first Wirecard salary #contracting
Set up folder structure and classes for Payment On Invoice payment method #contracting
Be allowed to WIP log Wirecard tasks #contracting
Send first bill to Wirecard #contracting
Complete Day 19 at Wirecard. #contracting
Do bookkeeping to estimate monthly payout for working at Wirecard #contracting
Reply to client why I might be taking a bit longer than usual to get around to their website improvements #contracting
Complete Day 17 at Wirecard #contracting
Fix database server in production. #contracting
Complete Day 16 at Wirecard. #contracting
Finish Day 14 at Wirecard #contracting
Finish day 13 at Wirecard. #contracting
Finish Day 11 at Wirecard. #contracting
Finish Day 10 at Wirecard #contracting
Write git pre-commit hook that applies code style fixes automatically and adds them to the commit. Guess I'm devops now 🤷‍♂️ #contracting
Finish day 10 at Wirecard #contracting
Get my first pull request at Wirecard merged #contracting
Get money from various clients #contracting
Finish day 7 at Wirecard #contracting
Finish Day 6 at Wirecard. 90% meetings today. Nice. #contracting
Get asked if I want to be hired by nexxar GmbH in Vienna #contracting
Finish day 5 and week 1 at Wirecard. #contracting
Finish Day 4 at Wirecard #contracting
Finish Day 3 at Wirecard #contracting
Finish day two at Wirecard. #contracting
Complete Day 1 at BigAss Client, Inc #contracting
Get equipped with a Dell laptop. #contracting
Arrive on time for my first day at BigAss Client, Inc. #contracting
Send email to MidSized Client Ltd. that wants to hire me that I'm kind of in a thing with BigAss Client, Inc. for the rest of the year but that I'm happy to do consulting for EUR 75/hr and that we can talk about increased work loads starting in January 2019 #contracting
Notify clients that I'm reduced to only consulting capacity until at least Wednesday. #contracting
Setup backup laptop so I can at least respond to emergencies. #contracting
Count up hours for current #contracting project to get rough estimate of May earnings
Synchronize old page with new page in half-automated manner #contracting
Wait for FTP to finish uploading a gajilion pictures #contracting
Get criminal record for BigAss Client, Inc. #contracting
Sign finalized contract with BigAss Client, Inc. to start earning the big bucks #contracting
Successfully export, import and associate 62 posts in 3 different languages with each other. #contracting
Run automated script, hope for the best #contracting
Set up local dev environment for site to sync state between old page and new page #contracting
Translate all taxonomies. Esta receta tiene carne y nueces. #contracting
Implement GTFO - ah, GDPR-compliant newsletter form in three languages #contracting
Fix print button styles that got lost in a merge conflict. #contracting
Make the fish recipes paginate correctly #contracting
Show the newsletter popup on the startpage so as to not annoy any users #contracting
Sign contract with BigAss Client, Inc. #contracting
Make country search results only as wide as input field #contracting
Add a loop back to all destinations when you look for specific lodges #contracting
If we can't find any locations or lodges show the user a message about how much we're sorry and how he should contact the fishing guys. #contracting
Only display 6 most relevant results when searching for locations #contracting
Add option to search for all locations and all seasons #contracting
Fix the 'kids recipes' page displaying recipes containing alcohol. #contracting
Fix the 'fish recipes' page displaying all recipes #contracting
Fix masonry also displaying posts from subcategories. #contracting
Deal with a merge conflict first thing in the morning. Ew. #contracting
Change the hover effect to say "Weiterlesen" instead of "Read more" #contracting
Hide hover effect for recipe masonry on certain pages #contracting
Fix print styles to not print newsletter popup (sneaky growth hack lol) #contracting
Add print button to recipe page (so 2001!) #contracting
Add comments to Portfolio page #contracting
Hash out details of BigAss Client, Inc. contract with recruiter #contracting
Review contract offer by BigAss Client, Inc. #contracting
Schedule workload for the time being #contracting
Discuss start page changes with client #contracting
Schedule meeting with client regarding their landing page #contracting
Get tentatively hired by BigAss Client, Inc. #contracting
Fix up the mega menu to display all the available taxonomies. #contracting
Fix newsletter form styling. #contracting
Triage issues for the day. #contracting
Heighten contrast between footer and content #contracting
Improve recipe page layout according to client wishes #contracting
Add print styles so people can easily print recipes #contracting
Add fluff text above comments #contracting
Improve comment form layout #contracting
Make input fields more contrasted with the background #contracting
Triage tasks for today #contracting
Deploy Monday's changes to staging because the client complained about not being able to see them. Woops. #contracting
Add cookie law message to site because lawyers are nasty #contracting
Disable PHP notices displaying for client #contracting
Increase MySQL packet size because ACF needs a buncha space. #contracting
Make the search field a dropdown-based search field. #contracting
Poke content editor person since they haven't replied #contracting
Have long-ass phone call with client #contracting
Add the "for real" newsletter signup form #contracting
Make filtering follow some common sense rules (e.g. There's no vegan meat recipes) #contracting
Discuss the new new search feature with client #contracting
Send email to client that they were supposed to pay me by the end of April and somehow it's May now. #contracting
Send files to accountant #contracting
Fill out those programming assignments and add unit tests so the guy can be like "wow he made an effort" #contracting
Pass round 2 of interviews with BigAss Client, Inc. #contracting
Discuss future business with colleagues. #contracting
Implement granular filter for recipes #contracting
Add new shortcode for property filtering of recipes #contracting
Whip the comments form into shape, because it wasn't pretty and I don't like non-pretty things #contracting
First talk for hiring a content editor for project #contracting
Finish implementing the new, smarter, search. #contracting
Clean out all the ESLint warnings that have accumulated over time #contracting
Implement proper selection of months #contracting
Style the season dropdown a bit #contracting
Add season dropdown to main search #contracting
Implement new search: Search by country first, show specific fishing destinations only if there's no country matching the query. #contracting
Get into second round for job with BigClient, Inc. #contracting
Make ratings text truncated after 3 lines and add a toggle link. #contracting
Planning conference call with client #contracting
Arrange work load for this week #contracting
Add honeypot field to comments #contracting
Add full screen slider to startpage #contracting
White box around additional requirements for recipe #contracting
Make social media icons a few pixels bigger. Uh. Sure. #contracting
Deploy first batch of changes to staging #contracting
Add the founding crew to the start page, because they're all nice guys and they wanna say hello #contracting
Add a list of why our platform is so much cooler than any other and you should book your fishing trip like right now pls. #contracting
Add a flavor image to startpage to make people want to go fish real bad. #contracting
Fix anchor links to work with React, because JS frameworks like to break the browser a lot. #contracting
Show image caption in lightbox #contracting
Center images in lightbox #contracting
Fix display of "related travels" card. #contracting
Finish recommendations section #contracting
Finish search form in header #contracting
Design new CTA in header #contracting
Synchronize all emails into Emarsys #contracting
Remove some unnecessary fields from booking form #contracting
Talk to client, get assigned a shitton of work #contracting
Introductory phone call for 6-month contract with Very Big Client™ #contracting
Discuss sprint 2 points and strike some of them out #contracting
Integrate a nice newsletter popup that is not naggy af. #contracting
Pretty masonry layout for taxonomy pages #contracting
Setup mega menu for all the freaking custom taxonomies #contracting
End up playing the role of a content editor. #contracting
Implement moderation features for studio chat #contracting
Move from my crappy VPS provider to something better #contracting
Implement ebook overview and detail pages #contracting
Write bills to client #contracting
Use buzzwords to show how Agile I am. #contracting
Triage tasks in Sprint 2 #contracting
Define Sprint 2 for project #contracting
Resize font for the whole site (rems finally paid off!) #contracting
Implement shortcode to link lodges in trip reports #contracting
Implement transaction mail for when customer comes home from trip #contracting
Fix transparency behind text #contracting
Deal with corporate payment processing like I don't have anything better to do #contracting
Auto-subscribe users to newsletter when they first receive a transactional mail for their booked travel. #contracting
Colleague call about this weeks work #contracting
Client call about todays work #contracting
Remove pre-existing focus state and replace it with a more visually pleasing option. #contracting
Fixate the anchor menu at the top of the page #contracting
Add more visual separation between sections #contracting
Add slight background behind text to improve readability #contracting
Copy all settings to pages o.e #contracting
Move Design options away from menu items into pages. #contracting
Enable editor role to edit menus #contracting
Fix broken Imprint link #contracting
Finish sprint 1 for project #contracting
Arrange pre-payment for contract #contracting
Fix some aesthetic issues (headline spacing et al) #contracting
Add newsletter signup #contracting
Display fluff text above recipes on category page #contracting
Display recipes in category page. #contracting
Implement related posts #contracting
Style recipes on page #contracting
Build out recipe functionality #contracting
Daily client/colleague call #contracting
End up doing some work for the Government of the Philippines. Huh. #contracting
Start page layout with Enfold theme #contracting.
Setup child theme for site. #contracting
Call with colleague/client about which direction to take regarding theme development #contracting
Automate qtranslate to WPML conversion #contracting
Reverse engineer qTranslate so I can import texts into WPML. #contracting
Fix password not being set correctly. #contracting
Acquire database dump because the standard WP export apparently doesn't include translations for the title only the content.. #contracting
Write utility function that clones a Wordpress post 1-to-1 for WPML translation. #contracting
Send bill to client, hopefully get paid on time this time. #contracting
Build regex to pry the translated texts from Loco Translates cold, dead hands. #contracting
Fix faulty redirect from www.xyz.at to domain.com #contracting
Fix previews behaving weirdly. #contracting
Send client a notification that we're live. #contracting
Setup Caddy for the new site. (So fast!) #contracting
Point domain to server #contracting
Fix database settings #contracting
Move everything over to production server #contracting
Register domain for project #contracting
Fix some last-minute oopsies #contracting
Prepare for going into production. HYPE! #contracting
Remove propietary plugins from old company #contracting
Import data from old website to new website. #contracting
Define first sprint for website #contracting
Plan out project schedule for April #contracting
Project briefing for food blog #contracting
Prepare files for accountant. #contracting
Remove text shadow for certain elements #contracting
Allow setting a background image for pages not in menu. #contracting
Reduce background image size because it was YUGE. #contracting
Add center section for footer editing #contracting
Fix right side border of text in menu points #contracting
Indent modules to visually separate them from headlines #contracting
Add possibility to set brand color for sub-brands #contracting
Change font in footer to always be the brand font #contracting
Rename site to fit new branding #contracting
Verify client made pages correctly #contracting
Customize label for "go to previous page" link #contracting
Remove menu labels from brand menu points #contracting
Add back-to-top button #contracting
Adjust the sticky calendar by an offset of exactly 6px because apparently it's prettier that way and the client's paying for it so why not. #contracting
Use position: sticky in production #contracting
Make calendar stick next to the program schedule #contracting
Make calendar load previous programme date when returning from page. #contracting
FULLY AUTOMATE (🤖) the live stream schedule #contracting
Fix lazy loading of images in slider #suchdynamiccontent #contracting
Fix emergency bug at 10pm yesterday because I have no life apparently. #contracting
Monkey patch a third-party library so I can manipulate the title of an image. #contracting
Style all buttons consistently #contracting
Fix show box going over border after ajax load #contracting
Have the calendar always display 7 days to a week, no matter what. Can't sacrifice societal order in the name of a website. #contracting
Fix stupid bug where I assumed the top of the page is always one screen's height down from the actual top of the page. It makes sense in context. #contracting
Replace the old shabby PNG logo with a brand-spanking-new SVG logo #contracting
Add Jetpack comments to page #contracting
Kindly tell client that their bill was due a week ago and that I deem it necessary to charge them a small surplus for missing that deadline because if they don't pay up I might have to go live under a bridge and that is kind of awkward because no WiFi and no outlets and it would negatively affect my development output #contracting
rails new appointer - So far so good. #contracting
Notify client to look at latest update and provide feedback as required #contracting
Add option to embed YouTube videos. #contracting
Add possibility to add labels to file downloads #contracting
Allow embedding of Youtube videos #contracting
Add anchor based navigation so users have a quick overview of page contents. #contracting
Write email to client about update #contracting
Convert brand fonts to web fonts, because apparently they don't have them @font-face ready. #contracting
Determine background image and font selection by recursively walking up the menu tree until you find a setting #contracting
Enable editing of footer content by client so they don't have to call me for it. #contracting
Allow creation of menu points with related images in Wordpress #contracting
Have a call about my April work #contracting
Update client revenue reporting #contracting
Help client yell at sub-client about how HTML email cannot, will not and may never be fully XML-compliant and they may reconsider about this requirement. #contracting.
Have call with client #contracting
Do some Wordpress voodoo so I can access a menu item and it's children from a post object and vice-versa. #contracting
Cron job monitoring for transactional mails. Spoilers: It worked. #contracting
Pay back remaining fees of contract cancellation. #contracting
Give CMS introduction to client #contracting
Deploy transactional mail to production #contracting 🤞
Fix media library not working for non-admin users #contracting
Impress client by having a fast response time #contracting
Send transactional mail with voucher 8 weeks before trip starts #contracting
Only attempt to send email when there's actually an email address #contracting
Don't send booking confirmation email when booking was entered manually #contracting
Respond to customer feedback #contracting
Extend contract for mo' money #contracting
Acquire 2 new contracts #contracting
Send transactional email with voucher to all participants in the fishing trip #contracting
Fix folder permissions so clients can upload stuff, because that's actually pretty important for like a promotional material download website. Go figure #contracting
Hover effect to tell user they can click an image to download it. #contracting
Teach client how to Excel. #contracting
Use honeypot fields to prevent spam in ratings #contracting
Have call with client. Tell them how their CMS works #contracting
Tell clients that I won't be around tomorrow #contracting
Require email for adding rating #contracting
Fix transactional emails not sending because apparently you have to create a contact via API first and can't just send email to random people #contracting
Add back faux-fullscreen capability to slideshows, because it's not a bug, it's a customer-discovered feature I guess? #contracting
Buy domain for client, charge them accordingly #contracting
Get positive design feedback and go-ahead for project #contracting
Send design of detail page to client #contracting
Send design to client, ask them to tell me how amazing it looks. #contracting
Send 66 test emails to client because they want them. 🤷‍♂️ #contracting
Design frontpage for ad material website #contracting
💰 Send another bill after the two yesterday. #contracting
Finish Metabase integration #contracting
Implement Metabase question for amount of enquiries during given timeframe. #contracting
Implement Metabase question for profit margin during given timeframe. #contracting
Implement Metabase question for profit during given timeframe. #contracting
Implement Metabase question for revenue during given timeframe. #contracting
Hate on Gmail because this flowchart is insanity. #contracting
Finish HTML email in 2h flat and have it work first try #contracting
Fall in love with Metabase #contracting
Send files to accountant so he can account for my things #contracting
Write a whole bunch of bills so I can live and eat and stuff. #contracting
Fix UTF-8 encoding of track service because the track service is stupid. #contracting
Remove the PHPMailer Header from Wordpress Emails because it's stupid. #contracting
HTML escape Wordpress Password Reset email because it's stupid and uses angle brackets in the mail body #contracting
Implement slideshow from RSS Feed #contracting
Score contract thanks to nepotism #contracting
Fix track service not being linked properly when changing program date. #contracting
FIx daily program previews from sticking over main container width #contracting
Fix anchor links so that they are not hidden under header upon scrolling #contracting
Yell at client for deactivating my access to the cache settings #contracting
Link current show in playlist to its show page #contracting
Scroll to ratings section on clicking the ratings summary. (Thank you Element.scrollIntoView!) #contracting
Create trip reminder to be sent 7 weeks before the trip starts #contracting
Debug WP cron that sends emails to actually send emails. It's like having two volatile blackboxes and no way to verify things except your email client. #contracting
Refactor all cron tasks into a separate class to avoid polluting functions.php #contracting
Validate technical possibility of sending custom image to transactional emails #contracting
Hand over changes to client #contracting
Code review with partner #contracting
Add ratings to lodges #contracting
Attach number of ratings to lodge model #contracting
Paginate ratings on lodge page #contracting
Finalize the ratings form #contracting
Add honeypot to ratings form because I don't want no bots. #contracting
Display ratings on lodge pages #contracting
Get asked to participate another two projects. #contracting
Client call regarding transactional mails #contracting
Client call regarding follow up contract #contracting
Client call regarding this week's workload #contracting
Start arranging *very* profitable contract for April #contracting
Fix Emarsys being crap. And add email notif when Emarsys is being crap again. #contracting
9.30 phone call with Job Guy™ #contracting
Overhaul configuration page for tire packages #contracting
Parse ID of configuration product from URL. If no configuration product has been selected so far, add it to cart. #contracting
Implement product counter popup #contracting
Discuss implementtion details of future shopping cart features #contracting
Mock API data for configuration #contracting
Implement configuration page for wheels #contracting
Make shopping cart UI (mostly) functional. #contracting
Explain Braintree API flow to backend developer #contracting
Pay back first rate for terminated contract, send existing code #contracting
Acquire more work for March #contracting
Finalize shopping cart #contracting
Implement UI for shopping bag #contracting
Client meeting, determine work load for the week #contracting
Finally get paid by delayed client #contracting
Plan out capacities for March #contracting
Show status of products (Whether they've been added to cart or not) #contracting
Implement cartStore according to API specs #contracting
Put my credits into the code #contracting
Arrange meeting with client to introduce them to backend functionality #contracting
Ship a 800+ pages and 3300+ blog posts strong Wordpress page. #contracting
FInish all todos in Google Doc. Get paid in cash money. #contracting
Lazy load ALL THE THINGS. But with more error checking. #contracting
Send mail to client reminding him of his bill and pay me pls. #contracting
Patch Image class because apparently Wordpress is too stupid to return a full-size image by itself. #contracting
Lazy load the shit out. of. EVERYTHING. #contracting
Scour the Jira queue for work tomorrow #contracting
Plan workload for March #contracting
Send email to client that their bill is due on Friday and I'd like to have my monies, plz. #contracting
Add a social media marker for overview pages #contracting
Integrate widget area beneath ad banner #contracting
Link categories to their respective pages and tags to the search results #contracting
Limit word-break to links that are used in paragraphs #contracting
Load further posts in the background when user activates carousel #contracting
Fix a lot of deleted taxonomies #contracting
Sort page previews by menu order #contracting
Lightbox for Flickr stream #contracting
Have contract termination meeting #contracting
Fix audio metadata on music player #contracting
Implement ability to integrate a Flickr user's photostream #contracting
Add new custom field for deciding crop position of preview image #contracting
Fix offset of search icon #contracting
Arrange meeting for termination of contract #contracting
Study Metabase for potential client business reporting #contracting
Initiate talks to quit out of contract, because my mental state is suffering for it #life #contracting
Convince client of why I charge money for a domain transfer. #contracting
Go through each page template and remove cruft #contracting
Fix weird menu nesting error #contracting
A whole bunch of shit I'm lazy to type out rn. Responsive fixes, audio player, menu, etc. It's fire 🔥 #contracting
Switch the play state of audio player when audio has ended. #contracting
Load audio metadata to display time properly. #contracting
Add wonderfully descriptive labels to radio show detail pages. #contracting
Fix site-wide layout of content pages. #contracting
Fix query for comparison of material flows #contracting
Fix menu showing scrollbar in Firefox #contracting
Make menu links link to page directly instead of using anchor links #contracting
Move social media to be inline with breadcrumbs #contracting
Extract livestream player into re-usable component #contracting
Change design of single post view #contracting
Fix menu transition delay on hover of submenu. (yea this makes sense) #contracting
Filter archives out of daily tracks and trim all database output. #contracting
Pre-fill registration form with car data from shopping selection #contracting
Bill client for domain #contracting
Transfer client site to new domain to avoid lawsuits. #contracting
Technical documentation of Braintree flow for developer who doesn't want to read official docs #contracting
Discuss February schedule with client #contracting
Let the menu nest two levels. #contracting
Client meeting regarding Braintree implementation #contracting
Fix the menu. Oh god why. #contracting
Reach out to client regarding Braintree implementation #contracting
Finish bar chart for material flow indicators #contracting
Client meeting to fill up my February schedule even more #contracting
Acquire cash money from #contracting
Biggest refactor this fucking site has seen. Reduce the overview template from 1084 lines down to 219. #contracting
Fix program table not displaying due to PHP errors. #contracting
Secure enough work to survive February. #contracting💰
Check if responsive version still works. (Spoiler: it do.) #contracting
Add fancy borders to entire website #contracting
Swanky full-width image magic #contracting
Add semi-transparent border around preview boxes #contracting