#life Get Clojure to do something
Acquire a second external monitor so now I have three screens. #life
#life Re-activate my mom's wool webshop because we're back in business, maybe? I dunno.
Find some nice business expenses so my tax won't be as horrendous next year #life
Take parents out for dinner because it was their wedding day yesterday and I owe a lot to them #life
Start a repository for experimenting with various best practices #life
Drink first Monster Energy of my #life
Get advised on how to legally and properly marry my fiancรฉe #life
Go to advisory meeting for binational couples because Austria hates foreigners and doesn't want no binational couples. #life
Get a super cute Pulp Fiction inspired drawing from fiancรฉe for 34 months of being together #life
Finish "The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window And Disappeared" by Jonas Jonasson #life
Use Macbook for the first time in a week #life
Get Macbook fans cleaned and display replaced for 36 EUR #life
Hustle ~180 USD of wool and sewing accessories in 3h #life
Back into the wool business for a day #life
Throw money at Dashlane because I need to sync my passwords #life
Ship from a 2008 Thinkpad R500 with an Intel Coreยฎ 2 Duoโ„ข processor #life
Add user stylesheet to put the sidebar on GitHub on the right again #life
Verify my use case for Paddle toward one of their customer reps #life
Celebrate Mother's Day with BBQ! #life
Pack stuff for my fiancรฉes departure #life
Send email to BigAss Client, Inc. about "Y U NO TELL ME WHETHER I GOT THE JOB" #life
Cancel Amazon prime because I forgot to cancel my free trial. #life
Catch up on #learnwhileyoupoop. #life
Try out PhpStorm because why not. #life
Prepare a stack I might actually stick to hopefully. #life
Drive grandma's husband to receive surgery on his hand #life
Configure Sublime to work better with my Prettier setup. #life
Clean WIP profile of outdated pending todos and projects. Back to the drawing board. #life
Buy all sorts of stuff to make sushi tomorrow. #life
Watch the first #learnwhileyoupoop while not pooping. #life
Get A+ on ssllabs with 5 lines of server config #life
Compile Caddy from source because I'm a cheap ass and don't want to spend 20$/m on a web server. #life
Secure passwords. Secure passwords everywhere #life
Surprise fiancรฉe with her long-time favorite fountain pen #life
Have a phone call with one of my clients pants pockets. #life
Get feedback from company on when I'll get the resized engagement ring #life
Ask company how the engagement ring resizing is going because I haven't heard from them in a while. #life
Read about @swizec being stuck in an elevator. #life
Buy chocolate cereal because I'm a child in a man's body and it's yummy. #life
Hug everyone participating in a random "free hug" rally #life
Leave my mark at the museum of modern arts #life
Update profile because I got older and @neosilky wanted to rub it in my face ๐Ÿ˜‚ #life
Take dad to birthday dinner #life
Spearhead the millenials initiative with @lbckr? Apparently? #life
Move #mentalhealth to #life because it fits better for what I put in there.
Cram 5 days worth of work into 4 days so I can get up at like 3am in the morning to get my fiancรฉe from the airport. โค๏ธ #life
Watch fiancรฉe cross from the Philippines into Taiwan on Flightradar24 #life
Sleep for what is considered a reasonable amount of time #life