#ing yet another iteration using common software (i.e. PPT and DOC)
created a dark version of #ing - i like it and getting closer to a prototype.
continued to work on #ing design - i think i am really close to a shareable prototype
experimented with shape based tracking #ing
tested various fonts and settings on #ing
collected iterations of #ing
checked ways for files to be opened across devices #ing
showed #ing to get some feedback
test if product shows up on products tab on WIP #ing -- it does
updated and redesign of prototype #ing
design prototype for downloadable version of #ing —- enjoyable, but difficult
design improvements on #ing
ended 24hr challenge on #ing without a V1 of the site. Learning continues, and now with some insights into the time it takes to get stuff done, and where I am likely to get bogged down.
started 24hr challenge on Doneing - Stop doing start doneing #ing with a recurrent paper based app. 24 hours = 24 working hours https://wip.chat/products/614