#hw add rate limiting and request slowdown to protect from missuse
#hw update all files with new structure used in https://pushnotice.chat
#hw move database models into newer Sequelize structuer used in other products
#hw add open page showing user signups, total user count, and page view analytics
#hw add analytics page view / api call logging (no IP or tracking)
#hw replace livereload with the much more powerful https://browsersync.io
#hw cleanup gulp buildling and dev environment
#hw restart planning
#hw foce user to set username (redirect to username form on each page load).
#hw fix deploy issues which happen when npm dependencies get updated
#hw fix signup username issue
#hw Map link to user via ID if username is not set (getter for user profile path)
#hw Activate PM2 cluster mode with max processes in production
#hw Fix "new user started" pushnotice
#hw Nginx Setup to deliver Static Files
#hw fix Session Expiration TTL
#hw move static file processing before session processing (session is not needed for the static files)
#hw add npm package helmet
#hw add twitter login avatar
#hw add facebook login logo
#hw process version information via package.json
#hw fix push notice on user signups (was sending notice before setting username).
find bug in live demo, fix it, deploy, demo on! #hw
demo homebase.world to people at productivity Sprint #hw
#hw add social media share image
deploy #HW to https://homebase.WORLD again (looks pretty stable right now, let's see what hapens when I show it to people) 😛
#HW Dashbaord - List People below Map (alphabetical)
#hw the big Pablo bug was related to being able to access the site without having a first hometown set (now I made the system aware of this kind of stuff).
#HW Login should remember sessions even if server is restarted (sequelize session into SQLite)
#HW Public Map should show hover on mouse over with name and about card
#HW Public Profiles on Map should link to public profiles
#HW Fix homepage not showing people on map (production bug only, local works)
#HW Change icon "+" to something more obvious (maybe emoji)
#HW Dashboard - Make Map Bigger
#HW Public Map does not show profile on Server Version
#HW process to update all profile pictures? Request new profile pictures from facebook?
#HW Have profile show the map of the country (if emoji exists)
#HW Flag of Country next to Name
#HW Move from Google Maps to MapBox
#hw added group functionality for public groups only (list groups, join create group, join group, leave group, first to create will be admin)
#hw added flag emoji to profiles and usernames
#hw switched from Google Maps to MapBox
#hw make sessions persistent between sessions
#hw make email, social login tokens, and similar invisible in frontend delivered JSON objects
#hw Facebook / Twitter login should update the picture link stored in database (should find long term solution, probably have to store profile pictures in cache on server)
#hw performance upgrade homepage (preload hometowns into html file instead of seperate API call
#hw add social media tags and viewport meta
#hw Dashboard - Make Map Bigger (now 50% of scren height or at least 400px
#hw Public Profiles on Map should link to public profiles
#hw Change icon "+" to something more obvious (decided not to do this, can easily be done after shipping)
#hw node Server Stop does not work correctly (cleanup and fix)
#hw mailchimp form get rid of css (add to compressed) and remove javascript
#hw Add Facebook Pixel (config and layout.pug)
#hw make profiles have @ as prefix
#hw add @PushNoticeBot to this project as well to get notified about server restart, new user registrations, and homebase changes
#hw make profiles have @ as prefix in url
add #hw to products on wip.chat
Prepare Focus55 for the coming three days to launch #pn and #hw
#HW Fix / Setup PM2 Deploy for Project
#HW upgrade uglify-js to ufligyf-es and add it to gulp buildJs for smaller delivery files
#HW make static pages look beautiful with a container around for max-width
#HW Upgraded Sequelize to latest version (and make it work again)
#HW Renamed Account Settings to Settings
#HW Show count of members on home page
#HW Make a "About" page (About Project, About Future of Project, About Creator)
#HW Update Dependencies
#HW Test functionality again and make list of bugs
#HW Signup / Login should be inline if on desktop
#HW Show Profiles on Public Map and Link to Profiles right there
#HW Update Newsletter Signup (move from ConvertKit to MailChimp)