Did my daily writing for ’30 days to better writing’ #personal
Did overdue writing for the writing course #personal ✍️
Wrote for the '30 days to better writing' course #personal ✍️
Did daily writing for the '30 days to better writing' course #personal
Did my excersice for the '30 days to better writing' course. And wrote 941 words in 23 minutes #personal
Did excersise for '30 days to better writing' course #personal ✍️
Cleaned up the pavement in front of house #personal
Helped mother with some questions from here iPad #personal
Having a day off with wife and mother, going to the theater #personal
Took first lesson of '30 days of better writing' class #personal ✍️
Import drone photos from Iceland to Lightroom #personal 🍦
Went to gym, but it way to hot there, so half a training #personal
Reset password on a site that had a weak one #personal
Had biweekly Mastermind Group call #personal
Ate raspberries from my own garden #personal
Had call with the Mastermind Group #personal ☎️
Ask for a price for printing photo's for on my wall #personal
Bought new diy stuff at the hardware store to use tomorrow #personal
Had biweekly call with the mastermind group #personal πŸ“ž
Export mailinglist for ruinion of old business/inspiration/friend group #personal
Finished book about Tony's Chocolonely, and their mission to make slave free chocolat bars #personal 🍫
Added myself to the wip.chat map map #personal πŸ“
Read a book in the train #personal πŸ“–
Went to designer meetup and talked to real people #personal
Read a chapter of 'Design is a job' #personal
Wrote about the mastering group meeting. Hie the last 2 week went. #personal
Bring sleeping pad back to store because it has a leak. And I want it back for my trip to Iceland πŸ—» #personal
Went to the gym πŸ‹οΈ #personal
Had live meeting with the mastermindgroep #personal
Read in the train instead of dumd watching YouTube #personal
Started with Duoling again #personal