A/B Rankings
Split test your SEO to improve traffic, rankings and CTR.
- Split 'missing keywords' feature out to a seperate job, so we can update those indendently of UpdateHTML for lower server load #ctr
Add ctr to the Site view's table #ctr
Add filters to the page view's table #ctr
Add links to 'missing keywords' page into the Page view #ctr
fix case issues on canonical pages #ctr
do some basic linkbuilding #ctr
create adwords campaigns for homepage and wordpress plugin installs #ctr
add messaging to sites with zero traffic #ctr
build new fb ad retargeting campaign #ctr
get page snippet on enter keypress #ctr
fix undefined error when failing to retrieve page that then borks the tool #ctr
fixed snippet tool 'grab snippet' function to show friendly errors when we cannot retrieve page #ctr
fixed price 'total price paid' display to include both tax and any coupon or promotion #ctr
enabled a freemium plan to grow active installs #ctr
updated link to Wordpress plugin within WP directory #ctr