#pn fix push notice sent on 404 error to actually print the error object with JSON.stringify
#pn fixed gulp build process of minification
#pn update ecosystem.json of pm2 deploy system to only reload the webserver
#pn create video about latest deploy and publish in daily vlog https://youtu.be/m13aMf_9-6w
#pn update avatar pictures of support bot and the PushNotice Group
#pn added rate limiting for api and web page requests so the server doesn't blow up.
#pn Deployed new version publickly and launched the Group Chat for feature ideas, feedback, and support: https://t.me/PushNoticeGroup
#pn created a group to replace the channel. Telegram channels are rather lonely. Groups sound like a better idea to discuss future ideas and stuff.
#pn added a support chat bot so I don't have to deal with thousands of individual chat logs.
#pn replace livereload with https://browsersync.io in gulp
#pn Cleanup gulp building and dev environment
#pn implemented /open page inspired by @levelsio
#pn add ?ref= to tracked parameters to count page loads
#pn implement bare bones analytics to track page opens (only logging ref, path, method, responseTime, userAgent, date, and time)
#pn update all NPM dependencies and npm audit fix them
#pn started code base cleanup
#pn test local telegram bot dev environment
#pn test local website development environment
#pn restart planning
#pn error logging routed to send @PushNoticeBot notification
#pn move static file processing before session processing
#pn imlement stripe payment system
#pn MVP Stripe integration for yearly premium plan (testing & making it more robust are next steps).
#pn deployed micro dashbaord view (invisible for users now)
#pn deployed authentication system (invisible for users now)
#pn implement basic notifcation interface on website
#pn authentication method between website and telegram bot
#pn bulk notifications api
#pn implement redis que for notifications
#pn pushnotice.chat v0.3 deploy finished - multi process & bulk api
#pn implement basic metrics to count api requests, messages scheduled and so on
#pn restrict api and check text that is sent to it (levels & env can only be alpha numeric [case insensitive], namespace can only be alpha numeric with : as seperator [case insensitive]).
#pn reactivate telegram bot webhook (much more efficient and scalable than polling).
#pn show redis queue length on landing page (transparancy)
#pn redeploy new bot-listener / bot-worker / api process structure to production
#pn make bot integration one more seperate process (just one proces should poll the Telegram api, multiple processes are allowed to send to the API).
#pn fix bot integration
#pn fix database migration problem and reimport
#pn api in it's own node.js cluster process with 2 threads
#pn logging notifications to MySQl instead of files
#pn removed lowdb npm package (no more json file database)
#pn deploy new redis que & mysql database (import old file based database system) for better speed and reliability
#pn add npm package helmet for more express security
#pn remove javascript import for less requests on landing page
#pn Nginx Setup to deliver Static Files
#pn add redis queue for buffering notifications and eventually adding multiple bots
#pn answer sensitive commands in private when bot is a in group
#pn make commands with security info only available to admins in groups
#pn Test Telegram Command Completion with Arguments (does not work sadly)
#pn make /revoke work with an argument so users don't accidently revoke their api secrets.
#pn add user and sent notifications count to landing page
#pn update the npm package to the latest version
#pn process version information via package.json
#pn chat with @alvesjtiago about project and challenges
#pn prioritize next steps
#pn think about monitization strategy
#pn get user feedback in person and brainstorm where this project should go next
#pn setup my first Stripe account and see how I can integrate it for payments
#pn research redis que systems and NPM modules
#pn receive motivating "user registered" notifications over night and get boost of motivation in the morning reading them and knowing there are people on the other side.
#hw add #pn to use it in my own application
Added @PushNoticeBot into https://writersprints.com to get live updates about registrations / players playing into my Telegram #ws #pn
#ws add #pn to use it in my own application
#pn publish and test NPM module for integrating the bot into projects (readme still lacking) https://www.npmjs.com/package/pushnotice
#pn update local self use implementation to use the NPM Module
#pn Node API Client npm publish the package beta
#pn Node API Client Push code to GitHub
#pn Node API Client Create GitHub Repo
#pn Node API Client Create package.json
#pn move all configuration out of the NPM module code
#pn start development of NPM package for drop in
#pn add facebook pixel
#pn Add Facebook share image width and height tags
#pn Fix twitter social meta tag not showing image
#pn Fix api crashing when no parameters provided
#pn curl GET url not woring find out why (Api was being redirected when there are trailing slashes - now no longer)
#pn fix mini bug in personal notifications (missing @ and undefined variables)
add #pn to products on wip.chat
#pn set https://pushnotice.chat live and ready. Next step: share 😳
#pn production testing (found two more bugs and fixed them)
#pn add footer links
#pn push everything to production server and test with production bot
#pn add note that it's beta / alpha
#pn update landing page with text explaining what the bot is about
#pn add social media meta tags
#pn create social media share image
#pn make loglevel case insensitive
#pn Write the Bot Messaging to be nice and friendly
#pn remove MailChimp javascript import for smaller file size and more direct flow
#pn update Telegram Channel avatar
#pn update production bot avatar with new production bot logo
#pn update testing bot avatar with new testing bot logo
#pn create a simple logo
#pn Integrate PushNotice into itself to send notifications about new registered users and api count milestones
#pn Count the number of messages the bot receives
#pn Count Notifications being sent through the API to the bot
#pn Prioritice Functionality (Must Have, Nice to Have)
#pn Define what functionality I will have in the Launch Version
#pn Make API Reject Calls that don't look like the official Object
#pn write notifications into a log file to later import into webinterface
#pn Include a Secret in the Request (need to store data on server to be able to do this)
#pn add json fle based database for basic stuff
#PN Setup Seperate Dev Telegram Bot for local development
#pn define notification object for more options (chatId, chatSecret, level, namespace, text)
#pn find out if telegram chatId stays the same when deleting chat and restarting to talk with bot
#pn test pushing notifications to groups
#pn but activated in groups
#pn simplify API request GET .../chatnotice/:chatId and POST .../chatnotice into one request
#pn add localtunnel to gulp file so that local dev with Telegram bot works seamlessly
#PN Make the bot work in groups as well as private chats
#PN Setup PM2 Deploy for Project
#PN Setup Google Analytics and include Tracking Code in Website
#pn Setup coming soon page and remove bot mode to put on server
#PN Setup Bitbucket Repo for Project
#PN Setup Nginx Domain on Server
#PN Register Domain
#PN setup simple api to send notice to a specific chat id
#PN setup command to request API key / post url to send notice to
#PN test node.js bot frameworks and get one to work