write the surprising benefit of hiring interns to write your code #blog
deploy fixed homepage email form #blog
write 1084 word weekly email for tomorrow #blog
write weekly email to audience, not my best work #blog
weekly email to audience #blog wow that took way too long
finish article about that SVG stuff and ref callbacks #blog
intro and outline for tomorrow's article #blog
write blog about the "Are you diverse" question but decide not to publish just yet #blog
write about integrating D3 with new React stuff #blog
record quick video for D3 charts with React 16.3 #blog
write post about using youtube as a source in Gatsby #blog
write about revenue and traffic numbers as an excuse to study those numbers #blog
clean out a bunch of meta email about conferences #blog
make a typeform for tomorrow's email so I can try a thing #blog
accidentally spend 2 hours writing tomorrow's email #blog
make it into React Status newsletter by accident #blog
dig into data to see if blogging is a useful use of my time #blog
make adventure vlog #blog
commit to giving a lightning talk about blockchain-redux at a *chain conference in SF in 2 weeks #blog
write weekly email for audience #blog
livecode some progress on inventing React patterns #blog
suffer through setting up and scheduling the email because the editor dude doesn't have time today #blog
write email for today #blog
write half of email for tomorrow and go to bed as per Hemingway method of productivity to see if it really works #blog
write post for tomorrow #blog
order batteries for new vlogging mic because apparently it comes without #blog
order stuff to fix vlogging camera #blog
give up on facebook, just share the damn youtube link #blog
deliver react dataviz talk #blog
tune up reactathon slides a bit #blog
make slides for tomorrow's talk #blog
it is published! My most clickbaity title of the year #blog
write post about how we got faster #blog
write tutorial on smoothly transitioning piecharts #blog
write about half of the next thing then run out of time because dayjob.exe #blog
post on reddit and in a big FB group, run away #blog
build something to write about #blog