added emojis selections and search to #userchat
Release latest verison of #userchat
add emoji support to #userchat
slashed 270kb from SDK by extracting UI and writing vanilla javascript.. userchat sdk and all its glory now weighs in at a wopping 89k #userchat
add visibility checking for more accurate viewed message tracking(i.e. perfect) #userchat
bug: fix delete message issue where deleteing a message creates a new message and then tries to fetch it #userchat
fix funny infinite growing height issue where a chat box with no frame or min height with messages grows infinitly by 1 pixel a second... hmmm #userchat
style new iframe chat box #userchat
fix keyup event handler on esc edit #userchat
extracted long polling management into its own thing #userchat
fix pending message overlay #userchat
box.create should drop in an iframe that sources the sdk #userchat
extract user chat box from the brunch sdk #userchat
create a basic demo implementation of #userchat and write a blog post about it
fixed bug in user-chat-js-sdk where chat would render with no height when user did not set a height on the parent element #userchat
ship new admin dashboard changes #userchat
ship adjusted marketing page #userchat
hide back to servers link if only 1 server #userchat
if account only has 1 server, automatically open the server dashboard instead of landing on the servers page #userchat
answer at least one question on quora related to #userchat
add spacing to all elements on landing page #userchat
change capitalization on call to action buttons to match rest of site #userchat