#givewithella πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€ https://www.producthunt.com/posts/give-with-ella
#givewithella connect with a founder with a similar vision about a possible collab
#givewithella Update MakerStories.io with progress
#givewithella Brainstorm blog articles
#givewithella Send email to Ditch the Label to introduce Ella
#givewithella Intro Ella to positive.news
#givewithella Improve mobile UI to massively reduce scrolling
#givewithella Fix disappearing charities issue
#givewithella Fix broken search functionality (conflicting name attributes)
#givewithella Improve accessibilty score from 48 to 93
#givewithella Compress images even further still and save 35mb!
#givewithella Fix Alignment issue with score-items
#givewithella Improve search functionality to include fuzzy names and keywords
#givewithella Fix image upload bug on live CMS
#givewithella Follow up with Links International CEO about their charity profile
#givewithella Deploy new charity profile page design with perception scores feature
#givewithella Deploy Impact Stories newsletter signup
#givewithella Switch out Ella alpha mailing list signup with Impact stories mailing list signup
#givewithella Set up new mailing list for Impact Stories subscribers
#givewithella Deploy and BREAK EVERYTHING, FUUUUUUU.....
#givewithella Prevent ghastly webkit input autofill styles
#givewithella Prevent ghastly webkit input outfill styles
#givewithella Fix overflowing searchform bug on mobile
#givewithella Add perception scores to cahrity cards on hover when in cause categories
#givewithella Update header link styles to offer more obvious feedback
#givewithella Add logic for showing, editing, and submitting charity perception scores
#givewithella Fix header UI bug with search form on mobile
#givewithella Finish up new UI for charity profiles to display data more clearly and add a sense of ownership for charities
#givewithella Finish integration with new API
#givewithella Update Maker Stories with progress
#givewithella Begin swap to new financial data API
Book night away in London @ The Good Hotel (will make cool blog content for #givewithella)
#givewithella Add submit/edit logic to perception scores
#givewithella Add email signup form to discover hero
#givewithella Add minimal branding header to new charity profiles
#givewithella Show feedback after perception score has been submitted
#givewithella Update perception scores in real time
#givewithella Improve UX of providing perception scores
#givewithella Calculate a charities trust score by averaging 4 other data points
#givewithella Run first test of perception score submission to pick up on UX issues
#givewithella Add perception score logic
#givewithella Fix fatal JS error preventing financial data display if specific data points do not exist
#givewithella Fixed issue where Financial History graph would not return if annual breakdown could not be fetched
#givewithella Add link to journal within header
#givewithella Continued design and dev on new charities profile
#givewithella Design and develop blog post page
#givewithella Removed font awesome and replaced the single icon making use of it with an SVG
#givewithella Email three for-purpose businesses that give back about advertising slots
#givewithella Remove disabled teaser buttons to unreleased features to avoid confusion
#givewithella Continued work on new charity profile design
#givewithella Rethink charity perception scores UI for better UX
#givewithella research next batch or charities
#givewithella Compile list of charity fouced organisations to contact for sponsorship
#givewithella Fix problem with email MX records
#givewithella Work on new profile design for addition of new features
#givewithella Experiment ways to make charity profiles more visually captivating and personal to a charities brand
Add friendlier copy (and manage to throw in the poo emoji, because mature) about charity perception scores #givewithella
Start design of profile updates page #givewithella
Randomise order of charity cards (until activity feature rolls out) to help encourage discoverability #givewithella
Improved UI layout for charity financial data, so it's easier to compare a charity's income vs spending #givewithella
πŸ–Œ Add in charity profile menu #givewithella
πŸ›  Fix header layout bug caused by last rollout #givewithella
πŸ›  Fix weird bug squishing doughnut charts so they're not quite round #givewithella c/o @marcantoinefon
Add charity trust score quick view to charity cards #givewithella
Add charity trust scores add/edit functionality #givewithella
Transfer givewithella.com domain to Namecheap to get away from god awful, unethical, poor practices GoDaddy #givewithella
Explore potential layout for new filters #givewithella
Add a temporary "charity not found" message when searched for charity or cause is not returned #givewithella
Fix a handful of small UI bugs #givewithella
Fix rounded corner form inputs on mobile firefox #givewithella
Submit application for the Hellium Grant and cross all fingers #givewithella
Add International Animal Rescue Charity #givewithella
Add Friends of the Earth UK to charities #givewithella
Add mqmentalhealth.org to charities #givewithella
Add Good Things Foundation to charities #givewithella
Add Charity perception scores submission UI #givewithella
Lose a battle with GoDaddy β€œAdvanced Technical Support” over domain forwarding .app domains, which apparently isn’t possible because the domain requires https but Godaddy forwarding servers only use http, and like, what is even the point of life? #givewithella
Fix wrapping text issue with strapline on tablet #givewithella
Update Changelog with latest GDPR updates #givewithella
Add a consent gateway for EU visitors contacting via Drift (GDPR) #givewithella
Set tag manager to anonymise user IP in preperation for GDPR #givewithella
Fix ella.app domain forwarding error #givewithella
Set up ella.app domain forwarding #givewithella
Add "add/edit" state for perception scores #givewithella
Agonise over what emoji's to use to represent charity scores #givewithella
Blog UI design & Build #givewithella
Find a way to periodically check data API and store information in database to reduce chances of breakages due to the API being down #givewithella
Set up charity profile tabbed content #givewithella
Set Charity financial graphs to new wider layout #givewithella
Move Charity financial data logic to its own module #givewithella
Add Nomad List inspired charity perception stats to hover action of charity cards #givewithella
Plan blog post on my mental health journey as a maker for mental health week #givewithella
Update Changelog to reflect latest fixes, improvements and updates #givewithella
Chat with Ann from Product Hunt Makers about possible collab and skillswap #givewithella
Add first 150 charities #givewithella
Rollout latest batch of charities #givewithella
Map out next round of features #givewithella
Finish Journal landing Design and Dev #givewithella
Added a sweet Parallax and fade effect to Cause heading (Indie Hackers Inspired, nay, rip-off) #givewithella
Fixed non-firing load event when cached images are loaded before the event is tracked #givewithella
Prepare next batch of charities to be addded #givewithella
Add Stonepillow, a local charity, to #givewithella and contact Laura to open up a conversation, following her talk at LFC.
Continued work on audience building (by being authentic) - Posted to IH to find like minded Social entrepreneurs https://goo.gl/VkE6pY #givewithella
Add a further 15 charities, making their financial date out in the open #givewithella
Bash out a twitter thread in response to a tweet claiming that β€œAll charities are scams”. I mean, that counts as marketing, right? https://twitter.com/_danielmeade/status/989169029129625600 #givewithella
Added "Time since published" and read time estimation to journal articles #givewithella
Add Journal logic to CMS #givewithella
Design and dev journal article page #givewithella
Add twitter card meta tags #givewithella
Pack for Cyprus trip. Spending a week just chilling and focusing on #givewithella
Add infinite scroll for charities list #givewithella
Added attribution for Data API #givewithella
Display an error message for when data API is down #givewithella
Add gif support for Changelog items #givewithella
Fix image upload issue for changelog items #givewithella
Fix overflowing strapline text bug #givewithella
Fix bug preventing new changelog entries from being added, and existing ones being editable #givewithella
Add another 10 charities #givewithella
Create a "temporarily unassigned" cause category for charities that do not suitably fit into one of the existing causes (allowing for more charities to be added without mis-categorisation) #givewithella
Back end build of journal section #givewithella
Fix UI bugs on tablet devices #givewithella
Fix bug outputting every charity in the db to each cuase category #givewithella
Add dynamic page titles and descriptions #givewithella
Limit charities returned to 18, paginate and load with infinite scroll #givewithella
Order charities by most recently active (to incentivise charities to add regular updates) #givewithella
Temporarily place Vision and Health focused charities within Health category #givewithella
Set up charity profile for 4Sight Vision support and email Nick, the CEO, with the link #givewithella
Make causes list more compact #givewithella
Add first πŸ’― charities #givewithella
Tweet thread about #givewithella to let people know that it actually exists https://twitter.com/_danielmeade/status/983054165151797248
Ship Cause and Charity search #givewithella
Fix incorrect tile image being used for Health category #givewithella
Display charity count in admin #givewithella
Remove Charity logo's from displaying in charities list in CMS #givewithella
Add first 50 charities #givewithella
Add initial Childrens charities #givewithella
Add initial Water & Sanitation charities #givewithella
Take an evening for Date night to make up for working every waking hour on #givewithella
Fix GTM tracking issue #givewithella
Prevent showing of sources module when no sources exist #givewithella
Add link to charity website #givewithella
Fix partial offcanvas logo issue on mobile #givewithella
Fix nav link hover issue on white headers #givewithella
Fix strapline display bug on white header #givewithella
Fix incorrect colour partnership for Salvation Army #givewithella
🚒 first 50 (or ~ that) charities with financial data #givewithella
Populate each cause category with at least 6 charities before shippening #givewithella
Re-ad Google tracking code #givewithella
🚒 Causes to Production #givewithella
Add Drift messaging to collect feedback and bug reports #givewithella
Feel deflated after server issues delay launch #givewithella
Update staging server db #givewithella
Add strapline to header #givewithella
Add minimalistic footer to explain why everything is so embarrassing #givewithella
Consider first shippening to include just Causes #givewithella
Research and write cause pages for Education and LGBT #givewithella
Set min height on cause hero's for better display on mobile devices #givewithella
Fix firefox rendering fonts waaaaaay too bold issue #givewithella
Cycle through years of income and expenditure data to most recently supplied data #givewithella
Fix display errors if nauty charities haven't filed their annual accounts correctly and data cannot be fetched #givewithella
Create low res cause thumbnail assets for faster load times #givewithella
Add lazyloading of images #givewithella
Write JS function to auto add target="_blank" to outbound links #givewithella
Remove graph filtering and replace graph legend with custom keys #givewithella
Add white and full colour charity logo upload fields to CMS #givewithella
Charity profile build & integration #givewithella
Ensure number abbreviation function returns 0 and dies if input equates to 0 #givewithella
Function to calculate percentages of category income and expenditure #givewithella
Set alternate sticky header colour transition for charity profiles #givewithella
Fix navigation hover action issue #givewithella
Drop promo landing page, route discovery to app landing #givewithella
Align body text with outer left edge of search field because the offset was upsetting me #givewithella
Populate 'Medical Research' cause category with initial charities #givewithella
Finish populating CMS with first 10 Cause categories #givewithella
Fix Database migration errors #givewithella
Update production database #givewithella
Fix Firefox % based padding on flex items bug #givewithella
Fill transparent sticky header with background colour on scroll #givewithella
Finish populating CMS with approved copy #givewithella
Backup new database structure. Update staging DB #givewithella
Increase cause background image opacity by 10% to help image colours 'pop' through #givewithella
Start populating CMS with signed off copy #givewithella
Fix bug with Y axis graph labels cutting off #givewithella
Tweak responsive spacings logic on Charity profiles #givewithella
Use Charts.js to display charity financial data #givewithella
Co-edit Cause copy with copy editor #givewithella
Add custom tooltips to graphs #givewithella
Fix abbreviated number bug on graph tooltips #givewithella
Pass financial data through to graphs & abbreviate lables using a suffix to indicate number. 1000 = K, 1,000,00 = M etc #givewithella
Fix a ton of crappy UI bugs #givewithella
Add hover state for charity and cause cards to provide visual cue to click #givewithella
Fix wrapper πŸ› on Safari #givewithella
Make a final final final decision on colour scheme #givewithella
Review new copy from copywriter #givewithella
Function to check if latest data is available #givewithella
Pull charity data from Charity Commision API and display on charity profile #givewithella
Add source references to cause information #givewithella
Annotate copy doc with feedback #givewithella
Review cause copy from copywriter #givewithella
Scope out additional charity information to pull from CC API #givewithella
Add data accreditations to charity profiles #givewithella
Pull data from Charity Commision API to display on charity profiles #givewithella