#hardcoreyear fix website andreyazimov.com html,body { overflow-x:hidden;width:100vw;} @leveIsio
#hardcoreyear add two difference tables. One for total gross and one for MRR
#hardcoreyear tweet about pass 5000 usd revenue with 5 products in 5 month https://twitter.com/andreyazimov/status/1029347300420681729
#hardcoreyear proof read article 3 with Chris cuz my English is bad
#hardcoreyear finish article draft Hardcore Year Month 2,3
#hardcoreyear sent thanks personal emails for donations
#hardcoreyear Publish Artcile 2 “Hardcore Year First Month — Getting press coverage and reaching $361/m revenue” https://medium.com/@AndreyAzimov/hardcore-year-first-month-getting-press-coverage-and-reaching-361-m-revenue-f3fdd875de07