make the quote view better on mobile #salutem
fix subscribe button in header on mobile #salutem
send a nice email when people ask for a quote with the price and a link with token to subscribe and a link with token to print the pdf file #salutem
understand a bit how gtm and GA works and added an event on click on cta in the blog #salutem
page for press deployement with uptodate footer on site and blog #salutem
footer on salutem blog look like sautem footer now, nice #salutem
reinstall ghost locally so i can make a new theme #salutem
install ghost on prod #salutem
send new user in airtbale so we dont have to check DB #salutem
new page for broker #salutem
get params in url to fill automatically the sponsor when creating on account #salutem
make real version of pdf form with the guarantees list and terms of use #salutem
ask kids info if needed and like for the right number of kid and save them #salutem
setup settings/signature page #salutem
ask spouse info if needed and save them #salutem
ask all account infos and save them #salutem
ask main info and save them #salutem
add or remove or nothing kids if the new quote is different than what is in db #salutem
record a video about what is in my backpack #salutem
when saving the quote, transform the quote to insured data #salutem
fix a security issues where all user could retrieve other user data with api #salutem
save age and type of insurance in object in localStorage and retrieve it on load #salutem
change price and savings on CTA dynamiccaly #salutem
change age in slider according to age AND regime #salutem
ugly fix to scroll or not on top of the page when navigating in SPA #salutem
created routes and render logic for all the obvious pages of the landing pages #salutem
slider logic on #salutem with data from google sheet
installing npm google-spreadsheet-to-json to export in json #salutem
dynamic subheader with anchor that change like magically, its crazy, we like it #salutem
finally the header is working well as intended on desktopp #salutem
ok i lied, i didn’t move on the next things and i kept looking at the shitty css but now i really fixed it! #salutem
omg i hate css i need to consider this header on desktopp done and move on to more importants things #salutem