Phyton Developer Jobs
Jobs for Python Developers,running with my
Pietz Life
Don't forget to live
The Latino Pulse
Curated updates for startup founders in Latam
A calling app for not a meeting, but coworking
The Hustle
My new gig
Jeff's Life
My boring life
Me, a Product of Myself (MPM)
Building tomorrow me today.
All events across social VR metaverses
Cosmic Sounds
Alexa music skill made of space sounds
Contract work
💰 This keeps me afloat. Freelancing for all sorts of people
Django/Python/Docker consulting
Personal tasks
COVID-19 Journal Prompts
Generator of ideas to write about your pandemic experience
No code analytics platform
We build MVPs to validate your biz and get profitable faster
Drupal 8
Making Drupal website to learn Drupal 8.
Other things
Untitled note taking app
A note taking app that doesn't destroy your workflow
Online passport photo service/SaaS/API
An app based community
Role Up
A web application to create job boards
Writing app
A mac app for structuring your thoughts better when writing
Gut health
Biotech idea focused on microbiome
Nomad List
Find the best place to live, work and play
Project Tyler Durden
A one year project to get ripped and fit