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make preview link accessible to submitter #betalist
fix broken logo image in comment email notifications #betalist
redesign advertise page to match new PDF (make responsive) #betalist
formally announce we feature recently launched startups too (+ reasoning) #betalist
don’t include likes from banned users when calculatting like count (followees_count) #betalist
ensure newsletter promotions are random for each subscriber #betalist
personalise newsletter to fields #betalist
add back "submit your startup" link to daily digest #betalist
make a health dashboard and include sendgrid emails sent per day #betalist
remove duplicate usernames ("count(*) > 1").size ) #betalist
look into some daily digests having more than 6-8 startups /cc @rpish #betalist
figure out how to deal with daily digest when there are lots of expedited startups (which means next day's digest has few startups) /cc @rpish #betalist
Fix overlapping menu items on narrow screens #betalist
Replace div id ("#advertisers") on with something that doesn't get blocked by uBlock h/t @gvrizzo #betalist