Around the World in 250 Coworking Spaces
A book about traveling the world of coworking
Fun Projects
My fun projects
Alpine.js Handbook
Learn Alpine.js by building real-world applications.
Ebook Livre de Boylixo
Ebook about relationships created for and by the community.
Nevada's New Privacy Law: A Pocket Guide to Compliance
Info for web developers about Nevada's new privacy law.
Borges AI
Goodreads for 2020
California Consumer Privacy Act: A Pocket Guide to CCPA
Info for web developers about the CCPA.
Need to form a new habit.
Jest Handbook
Learn Advanced JavaScript Testing patterns with Jest.
Web site publishing from Dropbox
Modern Web App Workshop
Build and launch a modern web app with React
Personal blog, portfolio.
The Artist Framework
The all in one playbook for artist development and growth.
Freelance is a Business
A simple book for running a freelance business
Een kookboek met Jenny
One Book Club
Favorite books of successful people
Make & Shine
The indie maker's guide to personal branding.
Readers Diary
Find the best online resources for any book
Make money from your content
Database of online sources of documents