Nevada's New Privacy Law: A Pocket Guide to Compliance
Info for web developers about Nevada's new privacy law.
Borges AI
Goodreads for 2020
California Consumer Privacy Act: A Pocket Guide to CCPA
Info for web developers about the CCPA.
Need to form a new habit.
Jest Handbook
Learn Advanced JavaScript Testing patterns with Jest.
Web site publishing from Dropbox
Kook maar even
Een kookboek
Modern Web App Workshop
Build and launch a modern web app with React
Personal blog, portfolio.
The Artist Framework
The all in one playbook for artist development and growth.
Freelance is a Business
A simple book for running a freelance business
Een kookboek met Jenny
One Book Club
Favorite books of successful people
Make & Shine
The indie maker's guide to personal branding.
Top startup-related books list and sales platform.
Readers Diary
Find the best online resources for any book
Make money from your content
Database of online sources of documents
Handboek voor mensen die hun kamerplanten altijd dood laten gaan
Boek over planten
Node.js Handbook
A handy Node.js manual
Me, Myself and I
Tracking my development as a designer x technologist.
Yuko Rabbit (multimedia & mixed media art projects)
An art portfolio & membership site rewards the supporters Writer Program
Write book summaries and earn money
React + D3 2018
React and D3 for the new era 2018+
Wisdom Curated
A directory of resources for becoming a better person.