Chrome Extensions

Wedding Gift
Chrome extension as a wedding gift for a friend
Learn English while reading the daily news.
Get console errors right on your page
Tree Style Tabs For Chrome
Manage your tab, the easy way
Lets you highlight & capture content on web like a marker
Host virtual meeting rooms to watch videos in sync
Input saver extension
Extension will save you from accidentally deleting inputs!
Website user experience monitoring.
Friend Convert
Helps you add targetted friends from any Facebook group
ChatSilo is a mini Facebook Messenger CRM/productivity tool
Turn screenshot/images into design mockups without Photoshop
Group Leads
Generate leads from your Facebook groups into autoresponder
Extension Rank
Web app where users can discover browser extensions.
Shame Overflow
Know what you don't know
A reimagined version of DevTools for rapid UI development.
Streak Life
Ultimate way to monitor your habits, time
Reader Mode
Distraction-free reader with supports for dyslexics
Extension to capture and save on Pinterest
Gram Up! Family
Community of Instagram growth hackers and influencers
Gram Up!
Smart Instagram promotion scripts