Language Learners Club
Language learning tools, made with ❤️
The first learning management system for Squarespace.
Interview Camp
Online bootcamp for tech interviews
Morejust Media
Chrome extension to detect bias and propaganda in text
React For Data Viz
Stop copy pasting D3 examples, create dataviz of your own
Learn how to automate your online business 🤖
Stuff I want to learn!
Twitter Threads
My awesome threads on Twitter
Progression Page
Tracking daily progress learning to code.
A course to build & deploy a real product: no frameworks.
Modern Web App Workshop
Build and launch a modern web app with React
Mentorable Chat
Connecting mentors with mentees over telegram chats.
K2 Labs
A school for emerging data scientists and engineers.
The Artist Framework
The all in one playbook for artist development and growth.
React TypeScript YouTube Channel
React TypeScript live projects and tutorials
Online courses with top mentors
Doge Talks
Online lectures with top developers 🚀
Tools & Craft
An exploration of tools, craft and the people using them.
Helping millennials invest to reach financial independence.
Early childhood education app for parents and caregivers.
Custom Interfaces
Tutorials for building custom interfaces by example.
A simple list of who and what is OwnedByFAANG.
Pet Projects
A place for finding a pet project to practice your skills
Teeny Breaks
Mindfulness tips to make the most of your breaks.
Panda HSK
Learn HSK vocabulary - characters, pinyin and pronunciation