Interaction Design

Ruchomi Catalog
Ruchomi Catalog helps furniture makers & retailers sell.
A diagramming tool specifically for software architecture
Remote Jobs for Designers community
Roast my app
Collect your dead honest feedback!
Keep documentation up to date
Email Copy for Indie Makers ⏸
Helping indie makers & very small companies with email copy
Listen Together
Listen to Spotify in sync with friends over the world.
Get feedback on your web app, graphics, documents etc.
Features the best landing page designs on the web.
Simulating Reflections for Mobile Websites
Custom Interfaces
Tutorials for building custom interfaces by example.
Collect UI/UX inspirations for your projects
Me, Myself and I
Tracking my development as a designer x technologist.
Super fast web app builder with code export.
Copy That!
A free newsletter which sends you HTML and CSS exercies
Ourfires is design studio. These are client's project tasks
Quick Design
Discover Free courses to learn about design online.
Making Sense of Auto Layout
Book that teach how to create responsive iOS UI
Simple styling themes for svg images
Short and Sweet
Accessible character counter for input elements