No Code

No-code for Coders
No-code tools and tutorials from a developers perspective.
Turn your idea to a credible business Without Code
Accept payments in minutes. Automate with no-code tools!
Makezu App
Match customers needs on Twitter
Personal blog
Blog about running teams, OTT, code, no-code.
Notion Market
Monetize your Notion skills 💸
Role Up
A web application to create job boards
A marketplace for local courses and workshops
Receive the latest no-code job positions on the internet.
100+ articles to build & automate your ops with no code
No code analytics platform
machine learning made simple - no code required
Learn how to start a business, without writing code!
Build apps for collaboration with no-code.
Look mom no code
Templates to help you get started without code
No Code List
Awesome websites and applications, built without code.
Web Hacks
no code growth hacks
Checkout Page
No-code checkout pages for Stripe
Generate a website from Google Sheets